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  1. fiveHellions

    fiveHellions Active Member

    I'm an app developer and was just thinking about putting this in one of my apps. But with this new change of only 30 tokens a day you only need a few apps with pocket change to reach the daily limit. Less likely for me to get alot of downloads from people getting as many apps that use it as they can. So the benefit to me isn't as great. I may add it anyway we will see. Too bad I didn't get in on this earlier.

  2. viperfet

    viperfet Well-Known Member

    PC was design by app developers for app developers. PC was design to increase popularity of developers apps and prize users for coming back and playing your apps. Let's see how they update there system, if its not as expected you should comment to PC about it.
  3. notme123

    notme123 Well-Known Member

  4. fiveHellions

    fiveHellions Active Member

    Yeah. I will keep an eye out for what changes they make. Hopefully they have a good way to benefit everybody involved (developers, users and themselves)
  5. viperfet

    viperfet Well-Known Member

  6. notme123

    notme123 Well-Known Member

    Pocket Change said it is 30. Check on the "Rewards" tab and see if maybe you already opened a different app within the last 24 hours.
  7. viperfet

    viperfet Well-Known Member

    Yup, just got the other 10 tokens. Guess they only have Starbucks gift cards to give away :frown:. One good idea to win tokens should be via achievements from apps, every level you achieve you get tokens, or every 10000 points you get tokens, but that means every app developer has to update all the apps.
  8. ladkans

    ladkans Member

    Agreed.. 30 tokens a day limit is just hopelessly low. Time to wave bye to that Playstation..
  9. bacia

    bacia Member

    My thoughts exactly.

    On the plus side, I just went ahead and got the amazon gift card, and had every mp3 converted to amazon as well. They actually were worth more then the listed prices. I got a total of 49.92 in the end.
  10. kitakat

    kitakat Member

    30 points a day!? WTF!? Thats too low, guess ill be deleting this app along with all the other ones that go with it...
  11. Pocket Change

    Pocket Change New Member

    Hey Everyone -

    We are excited to see how many people love Pocket Change in this
    forum. We are getting a ton of ideas from you guys so please keep the
    feedback coming!

    There seems to be confusion around the daily limits for earning Pocket
    Change. This is our fault and we'll work on better messaging in our
    store moving forward.

    Every day we are working hard to:

    1) Build more opportunities for you to earn Pocket Change.
    2) Increase the amount of Pocket Change you can earn everyday.
    3) Offer you more amazing products to redeem Pocket Change with.

    Keep checking the store as there are some BIG/COOL changes on the horizon!

    - The Pocket Change Team
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  12. bacia

    bacia Member

    Thanks for the update. I'm missing my Pocket Change. Can you keep us up to date on which games let you earn additional tokens while playing? I found that the idea of a reward makes a game more fun and helps me decide which games to install in an app store full of clones.
  13. Androide 3D

    Androide 3D New Member

    Thanks for the update. I was going crazy with this.

    I recommend Quadris (similar to Tetris. Highly addictive!)
    Samurai Rush and Foosball Cup (which are pretty good)
    And as others recommended, also Boost 2.

    Waiting for the update next week. And I hope we have good news
    (btw, sorry for my english.)
  14. Aluxian

    Aluxian Active Member

    Your english is good!
  15. notme123

    notme123 Well-Known Member

    The Pocket Change app received an update yesterday, but it doesn't say what's new. I guess we'll have to wait and find out. I'm guessing it's just making it compatible with the new changes that are coming soon.
  16. redsox4life34

    redsox4life34 New Member

    The new daily limit thing ruin it i wasted so much time building up points that now basically worthless i am giving all pocket change apps 1 star review join me show them how pissed we are!!
  17. Aluxian

    Aluxian Active Member

    What's wrong with you buddy, it's not developers fault. I mean it's no one's fault. PC is just trying to improve.
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  18. bacia

    bacia Member

    Your attitude is totally wrong for so many reasons. A lot of the PC games are very good and deserve 5 stars, even without PC. Because of PC I found quite a few games I enjoyed enough to purchase.

    I don't blame them at all for the new limit. Can you imagine how expensive it would be if everyone could "cheat the system". Before long no one would be able to turn in any points for prizes, when they went broke.

    Besides, I'm pretty sure they are a Start-Up and probably had to put tons of their own money and time into PC long before we ever had the chance to download and play our very first Pocket Change game.

    Pocket Change, you guys ROCK!!!! And btw I am typing this from my brand new, totally comfy matttess, bought off Amazon, and completely paid for from PC rewards. It didn't cost me a dime, Thanks to PC :)
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  19. ladkans

    ladkans Member

    It's been almost 2 weeks but no update from PC? I've updated the app too but nothing is new..
  20. tanmay358

    tanmay358 New Member

    Ny 1 got ny ideas hw 2 earn more pc.....???
  21. Pocket Change

    Pocket Change New Member

    We are working hard to make updates to Pocket Change so you all can earn more Pocket Change. We will keep you updated on the status!

    - The Pocket Change Team
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  22. bacia

    bacia Member

    Thanks for all the new prizes!!!
  23. notme123

    notme123 Well-Known Member

    I just got the $20 Amazon gift card. It took a long time, because of the daily limit. I'm beginning to get impatient for the new ways to earn Pocket Change. Please hurry!
  24. ladkans

    ladkans Member

    Totally agree. It has been more than two weeks since they limited the daily points and promised new ways to earn P
  25. gersey

    gersey New Member

    they have to do something otherwise its just not worth it take the lowest big ticket item in the shop the nike fuel band @ 15000 points it will take
    1 year 3 months at 30 points a day umm no thanks Ill uninstall pocket chance and all the ad heavy games with it!

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