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Games Working On Flytouch 3General

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  1. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Engaging in or sharing info pertaining to copyright infringement and/or software piracy is strictly illegal - AndroidForums.com have no part in this.

    So - please don't do it.


  2. hmffa

    hmffa Member

    How about PES 2011 ???
    Please test it I like this game a lot
    please check it and tell me
  3. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Apologies - after deleting .apk links a few days ago, I've been keeping a watchful eye here.

    I misunderstood the nature of some of the posts, so I deleted your thread - and for that I apologize, hoping you'll understand that I must err on the side of caution where protecting our site is concerned.

    Infractions withdrawn - thanks to all who took the time to write and clarify the situation for the me.

    Carry on!
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  4. wiewiorcwaniak

    wiewiorcwaniak Well-Known Member

    Another game confirmed working Angry Viking - on Chainfire 3D
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  5. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Well-Known Member

    Don't worie about it ! thanks for reopening the tread !

    We (including me) make sure we don't post any ilegal or questionable links anymore !
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  6. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Well-Known Member

    new working games:
    - NFS Shift
    - GT Racing HD
    - Angry Viking

    non working game:
    - PES 11

    Thanks to (wiewiorcwaniak)

    keep posting your working or non working games !!!
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  7. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Well-Known Member

    PS for the people that want to play pocketlegends but can't download from the market.
    The apk can be downloaded from the official pocketlegends website now !
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  8. wiewiorcwaniak

    wiewiorcwaniak Well-Known Member

    Ok guys :)

    Another working games:

    Fruit Ninja (non Tegra) - all working, no lags (working for all plugins or disabled plugins)
    GrandPrixLive - all working, all textures, no lags, accelerometer working properly (using PowerVR plugin)
    Jewels - all working good
    JellyBalls -all working good
    Nesoid - this is an emulator of Nintendo NES, tested few roms, and all working, working usb keyboard as a gamepad (I'll test usb gamepad), support for GameGenie Codes, save states etc.
    Pinball HD (for TEGRA) - working good, I recomend use textures resize to 16-bits setting by Chainfire option for smooth grapfics, but the flippers are little laggy but playable (tegra plugin).

    For this moment I am done, If I test another game I'll post it here.

    I have good info from Tim. He is working for full enable the market so we will get all pay apps. For this moment I am using all pay apps and games that I buy for my Android phone.
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  9. wiewiorcwaniak

    wiewiorcwaniak Well-Known Member

    I've tested new game Totemo - working good on all plugins/disabled plugins
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  10. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Well-Known Member

    new games added to the list thanks to (wiewiorcwaniak):
    working games:
    Totemo,Fruit Ninja,GrandPrixLive,Jewels,JellyBalls,Pinball HD

    didnt added nesoid ,most emulators work great though !
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  11. wiewiorcwaniak

    wiewiorcwaniak Well-Known Member

    Another working games:

    101-in-1 Games - simple free games pack/all working good
    Air Hockey Speed - working good sometimes little laggy because it is scalled to full screen
    Bubble Burst Free - all working good
    Free Heroes 2 - it is android version of Heroes 2 + lots of maps etc, even working with mouse!
    Glow Hockey 2 - port from Iphone, all working good
    Horror Run! - free app, maby sometimes little laggy because it is scaled, but working good
    Jungle Jewels - all working good
    Shoot Bubble Deluxe - all working good

    Not working:
    X-men - working, but extremly laggy, it is port from arcade machines.
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  12. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Well-Known Member

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  13. gasman84

    gasman84 New Member

    I cant find CF1.7.
  14. karlx

    karlx Member

    "GT Racing HD with Chainfire 3D on Qualcom plugin - best performance and good quality of graphics - no lags! - controlled smoothly by accelerometer."

    i cannot get this to look good at all. there are lots of whited out parts. ther cars have white squares for wheels, and much of the scenery is the same. plus various parts in menus.

    Any help appreciated, this game looks so good.
  15. bigbaldbloke

    bigbaldbloke Well-Known Member

    Happy to report that Paradise Island is now bug-free. And the most addictive one that I've found, Run Football, works great and uses the tablet's screen size to offer a far more useful screen than on phones.
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  16. gasman84

    gasman84 New Member

    Working:Last Stand ,Pocket Good 1.1
  17. wiewiorcwaniak

    wiewiorcwaniak Well-Known Member

    You need chainfire and plugins

    Another working games:

    - 3D Bowling
    - MX Moto (Lite)
    - Bistro Cook
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  18. decloahn

    decloahn New Member

    Here are the games that I've tried on my flytouch 3 (using Tim's 4D rom):

    • Abduction
    • Car Conductor: Traffic Control
    • Cloudy
    • Cut the rope (get it from getJar, as for some reason it's not in Android Market)
    • Doodle Fit
    • Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders (doesn't stretch to full screen, but otherwise fine)
    • Flight Control
    • Glass Match Blast
    • Mega Jump (play in Portrait mode. It seems to maintain proportion the game doesn't strecth to full width. So there is a black bar to the right, about 1/5 of the screen)
    • Move it! (a bit laggy, but still bearable)
    • Plants vs Zombies (also not in Market. Get it from Amazon)
    • Poke A Mole (not fullscreen)
    • Tetris
    • Words with Friends

    Not Working:
    • Slice It (Hangs after the first screen)
    • Flying Turtle Beta (Sluggish gameplay)
    • Tiny Bee -Demo- (Sluggish gameplay)
    • Unblock Me -Free- (Touch recognition issue. Touching on one block will move a different one, etc.)

    That's it for now.
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  19. EvilEd209

    EvilEd209 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if there is a Chess game working on the FT3?
  20. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    I have Chess Free 1.46 but I can't give you a recommendation....I have never played it:D
  21. EvilEd209

    EvilEd209 Well-Known Member

    Well, if you get a second, give it a shot and see how it runs. It is one of the things that will make this all the more better for me to own this tablet. I had a few needs when buying it...

    2)light browsing, checking email
    3)games for the kids

    If my SuperPad 2 Flytouch 3 tablet can do all of this, that I will be happy with the $230 some I spent on it.

  22. decloahn

    decloahn New Member

    I never tried any chess app/game, but for the other things in your list:

    1. I think there are many eReaders compatible with this tablet. Personally, I use Aldiko Book Reader (supports ePub and PDF) and it's great.

    2. For browsing, you can use opera mobile or dolphin browser HD. No pinch-zoom but both browsers have zoom in/out feature. Scrolling-wise a small bit less smooth as on iPad, but I suspect this is partly due to the resistive screen,which requires slight pressure, as opposed to a capacitive screen

    3. As you can see in previous posts, there are many compatible games, suitable for kids. e.g: cut the rope, angry birds, fruit ninja .
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  23. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    OK...I had a couple of games..on level 1 it makes its' moves almost instantaneously, it follows conventional openings and then it makes silly mistakes. On level 10 it takes somewhere around 2 to 5 minutes to make each move and it thrashed me! (although that is not much of a test!)There are 3 different board colours and 3 different piece designs. It has one or two player modes. The only downside is it only works in landscape.
  24. giubari

    giubari Well-Known Member

    1. Perfect (big pdfs sometimes are slow with adobe) for ebooks convert them with calibre in Epub and it will be perfect.
    2. Perfect (Dolphin HD)
    3. Soooo many
    4. Perfect

    Add movies.
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  25. EvilEd209

    EvilEd209 Well-Known Member

    WOW! Thank guys! I really appreciate all of the help. My tablet is due here either today or tomorrow and I am now super excited to get it!

    Thanks for all the effort!


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