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Gamin phone not reading sim?Support

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  1. marqis

    marqis New Member

    My Garmin phone that I have purchased on Craigslist is not reading the sim card. Without a sim card it wont go into the main home screen. When I enter my sime card it comes up as no SIM. I am not sure what the problem can be. I have called Tmobile support with no avail.

  2. nilihanth

    nilihanth Active Member

    The Garminfone should launch just fine without any SIM. In fact, you don't even need a SIM to use Garmin's navigation tools. Sounds like there's something fishy with the SIM or maybe the person you got it from on Craigslist tried hacking the phone or something.
  3. ATSalty

    ATSalty New Member

    There is a good thread started on the T-Mobile garminfone forum...check it out there.
  4. Medicine Man

    Medicine Man Member

    I had the same problem with the Garminfone I bought used off eBay several weeks ago. My solution was low-tech, but it worked; insert a thin item between the SIM card and the inner surface of the thin plastic SIM card holder (I used a doubled-up strip of tape). I surmised that the metal contacts of the SIM were not making firm and solid contact with the Garminfone's SIM card contacts. It worked! The only thing is, sometimes, the pressure slacks off; if that happens, just power off the Garminfone, pop off the back cover, take out the battery, slide out the SIM card, and readjust/reposition the thin item, then replace both thin item and SIM card, replace the battery, snap closed the back cover, and try powering the Garminfone on again. Usually, that solves the problem.

    Let us know if that works! Good luck, and enjoy your Garminfone!
  5. Spazmogen

    Spazmogen Member

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