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  1. sawant12

    sawant12 New Member

    hey guys m just trying to find games which r supported on micromax funbook...
    list some games..thanks...

  2. akhilkapila

    akhilkapila Member

    you can try shadowgun, gangster rio, quake 3, gta 3, resident evil 4, Dead Space, Hot pursuit. All of these work.
  3. gaurav265

    gaurav265 Member

    do you tried gangster rio...its not working in funbook bro.
  4. gaurav265

    gaurav265 Member

    hey guys,if anyone tried any hd games in funbook then tell here that it is working.I have tried shadowgun its work correctly,now trying shadow guardian to work.plss tell if you have confirmed any other hd games to work in funbook.thanks
  5. rishu

    rishu Well-Known Member

    hey upload the game data!!!
  6. nfan

    nfan New Member

    temple run is very good in funbook
  7. vicky95

    vicky95 Member

    i was able to play these games

    With no issues:

    Assassins's Creed v1.02
    Frontline Commando (all versions work)
    Contract Killer (all versions work)
    Contract Killer Zombies (all versions work)
    Ice Age Village (all versions work)
    Fast & Furious 5 (ynr9 version for SII)
    GTR Racing Academy (Google Play free version)
    Asphalt 6 HD (tag3r version for SII)
    Gangstar Miami Vindication v1.00
    Splinter Cell Conviction (tag3r version for SII)
    Brothers in Arms v1.01
    Modern Combat 2 Black Pegasus v1.02
    Modern Combat 3 v1.1.1
    Dungeon Hunter v1.02
    Dungeon Hunter 3 v1.08
    Hero of Sparta v1.03
    Shrek Kart v1.00
    Blood and Glory (all versions work)
    Eternal Legacy (tag3r version for SII)
    Spiderman Total Mayhem (tag3r version for SII)
    Samurai II: Vengeance
    Starfront Collision (blackcrowned version for SII)
    Captain America v1.01
    Real Football 2011 v3.12
    Real Football 2012 v1.07
    PES 2012 v1.04
    Let's Golf 2 v1.03
    Let's Golf 3 (Google Play free version)
    9mm v1.00
    Anomaly Warzone Earth HD (MarketMilitia version)
    Field Runners 1.15
    Shadowgun v1.04
    Need for Speed Shift

    Temple Run (all versions work)
    Angry Birds v2.02
    Angry Birds Seasons v2.30
    Angry Birds Rio v1.44
    Angry Birds Space v1.01
    Sprinkle v1.7
    Cut the Rope Experiments v1.0
    Fruit Ninja v1.53
    Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots Edition v1.0
    Killer Bean Unleashed v1.03
    Air Penguin v1.04
    World of Goo
    Monster Shooter
    Shark 3 v3.3
    Heavy Gunner

    nd much more just can't remember the names......

  8. vicky95

    vicky95 Member

    Nd Here Two more Games

    MASS EFFECT™ Infiltrator v1.0.30. The best game I've played so far.

    Men in Black 3 v1.0.3 is working too, this game is by gameloft.

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  9. Saif kazi

    Saif kazi Active Member

    hey gangster rio work goods on fb all u have to do is chang the ro.product.model=P300 to
  10. Saif kazi

    Saif kazi Active Member

    its working good on it
  11. rohanfernandes

    rohanfernandes New Member

    google play does not have pes 2011 or pes 2012,does this game works on micromax funbook?
  12. rohanfernandes

    rohanfernandes New Member

    What is the name of the site to download this games ?thank you
  13. ankushjbs

    ankushjbs New Member

    I would like to know whether i can play these games offline on my Funbook or Internet connection is required to play them??

    From where i can download them for free?

    Thanks in advance!
  14. Saif kazi

    Saif kazi Active Member

    can play dark night rises also
  15. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    According to the rules:

    Do not post, comment on, or request pirated games/apps. This includes the blackmart application. They are illegal and against the rules of the forum. To obtain games for your Android device, please use:

    Google Play

    Or, specifically for Gameloft games:

    Mobile Games - Top iPhone Games, Android Games, Java Games for Cell Phones | Gameloft

    Violating the rules will result in moderator action. Please discontinue such conversations. Thank you!
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  16. shrey2u

    shrey2u New Member

    vicky95 bro can i have your email id please i need to talk to you. I am planning to buy micromaxfunbook tablet and have to know few things before buying
  17. shrey2u

    shrey2u New Member

    any active members out there who would like to give a helping hand and take me in Micromax funbook family?
  18. shrey2u

    shrey2u New Member

  19. dj6283

    dj6283 Well-Known Member

    almost all hd games worked for me
  20. srawat_itpro

    srawat_itpro New Member

    Guys can someone please suggest which is the best custom ROM for Micromax Funbook P300 for gaming and also equally good in terms of smoothness for daily use apps.

  21. Laxus dreyer

    Laxus dreyer New Member

    I've played all these games on my Micromax Infinity without any lag. I'm still using my stock rom but my device is rooted, some of these games may not work correctly without Chainfire 3D.
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  22. Laxus dreyer

    Laxus dreyer New Member

    Assassin's Creed
    Amazing Spiderman 1
    Amazing Spiderman 2
    Aralon Sword and Shadow
    After Earth
    Aspahlt 5
    Asphalt 6
    Asphalt 7
    Asphalt 8
    Avpr Evolution
    Batman Arkham City Lockdown
    Blade Slinger
    Brothers In Arms
    Contract Killer 2
    Contract Killer Zombies 2
    Dead Effect
    Dead Space
    Dead Trigger
    Dead Trigger 2
    Dragon Slayer
    Dead Effect
    Eternal Legacy
    Flight Vegas
    Fifa 14
    Frontline Commando D-Day
    GTA 3
    GTA Vice City
    GTA San Andreas
    Gangster Rio
    Gangster Vegas
    Justice League
    Modern Combat 1 (had some glitches because of the screen size)
    Modern Combat 2
    Modern Combat 3
    Modern Combat 4
    Modern Combat 5
    NFS Shift
    NFS Pro Street
    NFS Most Wanted
    Nova 3
    OverKill 2
    Real Boxing
    Reign of Almira
    RavenSword Shadowland
    Shadow Gun
    Sacred Odyessey of Ayden
    Soul Calibur
    Spiderman Unlimited
    Six Guns
    Spiderman Toxic Mayhem
    The Settlers *(needs chainfire)
    Shadow Guardian (needs chainfire)
    Splinter Cell (use chainfire when using nightvision)
    Shadow Sun
    Tom Clancy : Rainbow Six Lockdown
    The Dark Knight Rises
    The Silent Dark
    Virtual City Playground
    Virtual Tennis
    World of Anagor
    Worms 2
    Wild Blood < this is my favorite android game ever)
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