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    Feb 28, 2011
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    Just got a Milano so I'm creating this thread. I will update as often as possible. I used to have a LG Optimus S but that device was stolen. During my time with the Optimus S I created a similar thread which can be found here...

    A lot was accomplished and it ended up being a very helpful thread. I'm hoping the same can be accomplished here.

    - (2D) = sprite based
    - (3D) = polygon rendered not stereoscopic 3D.
    - File sizes do not reflect extra files that may be downloaded to your SD card and ONLY reflect file sizes that appear in Apps2SD
    - When looking for games remember the following
    A) This phone runs on a single core ARMv6 processor
    B) This phone's processor runs at 800 MHz
    C) This phone's screen resolution is QVGA @ 240x320

    If you remember the above notes, finding working games shouldn't be much of an issue.

    --Gaming Related Aps Worth Getting--

    ESRB / The official app of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board / great for parents /

    Game Center / The official app for GameFly / great for tracking your orders and checking out the latest gaming news and trailers. /

    GameFaqs Offline Reader / Unofficial GameFAQS app / pretty good for reading gaming guides. /


    "Place Holder"

    -------------------------------------< Games 2D >------------------------------------------

    - Angry Birds: Seasons / Action / 2D / SD Movable / 1.52 Mb / SD Compatible

    - Uno (Gameloft) / Card / 2D / Phone Only /Multiplayer via passing around the Phone / 4.72 Mb / Keyboard compatible.

    - Battleheart / Strategy RPG / 2D /132 kb / SD Compatible

    --------------------------------------< Games 3D >-------------------------------------

    - The Sims 3 / Simulation / 3D / 1.56 Mb / Phone Only / (DO NOT download the HD version. Slight graphic glitches due to the aspect switch from 16:9 to 4:3 .)

    - Need for Speed: Shift / Racing / 3D / 256 kb (DO NOT download the HD version.)

    - NOVA / First Person Shooter / 3D /488 kb /SD Compatible

    - Sleepy Jack / Fantasy Flight Shooter /3D /360 kb / SD Compatible

    - Cordy (Demo Version) / Side Scrolling Platformer / 3D /204 kb / minor graphics glitches / SD Compatible

    - Tom Clancy HAWX / Flight Shooter / 3D / Phone Only

    - Asphalt 5 / Racing / 3D / 1.17 MB / SD Compatible

    - Fruit Slice / Arcade / 3D / 624 KB / SD Compatible

    - Jenga / Puzzle / 3D / 144 KB / MUST PLAY THIS GAME WITH AIRPLANE MODE ON / SD Compatible

    - Guerrilla Bob / 3rd Person Top Down Shooter / 3D / 544 KB / Minor graphical glitches / SD Compatible

    - Angry Bots / 3rd Person Top Down Shooter / 3D / 108 KB / Medium graphical glitches yet the game still looks really good / SD Compatible

    - Blood & Glory / Fighting / 3D / 1.29 MB / MUST PLAY THIS GAME WITH AIRPLANE MODE ON / SD Compatible

    - Dead Space / Survival Horror / 3D / 200 KB / Minor graphic glitches on "press start" screen and intro screens / SD Compatible

    - Gangstar: West Coast Hustle / Crime Adventure / 3D / 200 KB / Minor glitches / SD Compatible

    ---------------------------< PlayStation One Emulation with FPse >----------------------------

    Update: Until I can get a larger SD card it will be a short while till I can get around to testing PS One games. Please bare with me.

    ----------------------------------< Note to Forum Admins >----------------------------------

    Due to he fact that a great majority of these games are NOT available for the Milano via legal means through the market place, below this statement I will be posting links to pages where forum members can find many of these games. In no way do these links equal lost sales for the companies because they do not offer mentioned games for this device. With that said I'm not looking for any forum infractions or a ban hammer and will gladly delete the links at any admin's request.

    To forum members: I'm not going to make things insanely easy. The first two links contain a collection of game links the only game that I'm semi-directly linking to is Dead Space, only because I think it's beyond awesome and you guys should really download it just to show off your phone to your friends. Have fun!



    Dead Space)

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    Feb 28, 2011
    Thread updated... Look Above!
  3. LightyKD

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    Feb 28, 2011
    Tested a lot of games over the past 24 hours. Hope this list is helping someone out. I'm going back to playing Dead Space :p
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    Feb 28, 2011

    Be careful with how many games you stick on your phone in conjunction with your regular apps. It doesn't matter how many games/apps you stick on the SD card, may of them will leave cache files that install directly to the phone eating up space and eventually causing your phone to crash. The end result, you will have to hard reset your phone using the recovery menu and re-install everything. It's total bullshit that Kyocera did not check into this matter before releasing this phone. For a phone that supposedly has 512 mb of storage space. It sucks that we only have access to 190 megs of that space.
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    That is not kyoceras fault forementioned is present on all phone models regardless of carrier.Also cwm and flashing is not needed to delete this just go into settings,apps,downloaded,and manually delete all black icons with the sd picture.Will only take a few seconds

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