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    Dec 10, 2010
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    Now ibfully realize that hardware-wise, the SGP isn't exactly the most cutting-edge piece of technology on the market, but that's not the point. I was mildly disappointed when trying to play Dead Space the device would frequently slow down to a halt and freeze when multiple enemies showed up on the screen (couldn't get passed chapter 2 as a result). I had no choice but to hard reset the player every time. I then summed it up to the possibility that the SGP perhaps wasn't powerful enough to run the game or games of its caliber properly.

    But then just for the heck of it, I installed the same game on my G2 which has the same amount of ram (512) and a slightly inferior processor (800 MHz vs 1 ghz) and the game played flawlessly through chapter 3 (so far) on the G2! So what gives? The G2 and SGP are essentially the same caliber devices with the only major difference being screen size, and yet graphic intensive games appear to play better and smoother on the G2 (other games like Frontline Commando and Overkill fit the description as well). Does anybody know why this is the case?
    And for the record, I even cleared memory on the SGP before playing but NOT for the G2.

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    Jan 16, 2012
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    I might suggest you post this question in the gaming forum. You might get more response there. Our little piece of the world here on the SGP forum doesn't get a lot of attention yet.

    I wish I could help you more, but I don't have much experience with games like that.

    I do know that other things can suck up processor time, in the background, like GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and some apps that use them.

    I hope one of the gurus can help you.
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    Dec 2, 2012
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    Try these games in Funbook


    Asphalt 5 - Free Edition
    Asphalt 6 - 3.0.1
    GT Racing
    Brothers in Arms 2 - HD Edit
    Gangstar Miami Vindication
    IPL Fever
    Dance Legend
    Fashion Icon
    UNO Free
    Angry Birds (all 5 with all versions
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    I used my SGP 5 more for media and browsing. I'm no where near a gamer as some of you are but the few I'd play played better on the player running Gingerbread than they did on my E4GT running ICS.

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