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  1. Miss_Almie112

    Miss_Almie112 Active Member

    Hey there, lets share on here what our friend codes are!! I am just starting and would like to recruit people. :D:D:D

  2. Miss_Almie112

    Miss_Almie112 Active Member

    10e35, add me need to build up the familia :p
  3. smint

    smint Well-Known Member

    11332 if you fancy adding me
  4. awwhong

    awwhong New Member

    Please add me 0E91B
  5. DakkonDroid

    DakkonDroid New Member

    Add me: 0cfb9

    We will make the Godfather work for us!
  6. MattOhn

    MattOhn Member

    0A31B I check up every hour
  7. jvalason

    jvalason New Member

    Add me! 1280B
  8. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

  9. Mrstickball

    Mrstickball Active Member

    Did anyone notice that the paid points cards were removed from the marketplace?
  10. ladodger1717

    ladodger1717 New Member

    Add me too.......11FBA
  11. littlegrunt21

    littlegrunt21 New Member

  12. image

    image Member

  13. mr.menendez

    mr.menendez Active Member

    how do i play?????
  14. Starryblue2

    Starryblue2 New Member

  15. Starryblue2

    Starryblue2 New Member

  16. daikonv

    daikonv Well-Known Member

    1376D add me pls :)
  17. feedhead

    feedhead New Member

    I'm game 13851
  18. sharkh20

    sharkh20 Active Member

    Add me as well, 1327e
  19. nbk1984

    nbk1984 New Member

    Plz add me too im checking ourly code is 1304D
  20. chippillie

    chippillie New Member

    Plz add me 13fe1
  21. c0by

    c0by New Member

    Dear Don!

    Add me to your family please!!

    My friend code is: 13DF5

  22. nightelvesreasy

    nightelvesreasy Well-Known Member

  23. LeeGiT

    LeeGiT New Member

  24. Apollo_Warrio

    Apollo_Warrio New Member

    Add ME - 139BA
  25. lumpawarump

    lumpawarump New Member

    Add me... 13847

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