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Gang wars - Post Your Code Here

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  1. ant

    ant New Member

    add me...


  2. trick202

    trick202 Well-Known Member

    Just starting with it - don't really get it, but: 147f5
  3. Daedal

    Daedal New Member

    Add me: 10E69 (that's a Zero)

    Level >180, tons of weapons and properties.
  4. tsaunders

    tsaunders Well-Known Member

    I can't understand why people like these types of games.

    Can someone explain to me what the big deal is about them?
  5. whitecool

    whitecool New Member

    please ADD 0B766
  6. toefer

    toefer Well-Known Member

    I've never played them before, but from messing around with this one, it seems like a perfect game for phones. If you have a few spare seconds to kill, open the game, commit some crimes, and you're done.

    I only wish that the game could tell you your global ranking, so that you have some sort of number in your head, and can try to measure your progress. But with so many people playing so often, it'd obviously be somewhat difficulty to constantly keep that updated.

    Oh, and my code is 14215.
  7. Google

    Google New Member

  8. whitecool

    whitecool New Member

  9. JRowMe

    JRowMe Well-Known Member

  10. dolemitsu

    dolemitsu New Member

    Add me! 148a4

  11. ktquick

    ktquick New Member

  12. univerio

    univerio New Member

  13. toefer

    toefer Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know where/how you get the boat for the drug smuggling job? Is it unlocked in the weapons menu after you reach a certain level?
  14. Sean-B

    Sean-B Member

    Add me too please..
  15. paranah03

    paranah03 New Member

  16. bobs

    bobs New Member

  17. Randy651vr4

    Randy651vr4 New Member

    add me i accept all 17c4a
  18. wesleykem

    wesleykem New Member

    Please add me:
    F is for FRIEND & C is for COMRADE!
  19. mburkman5

    mburkman5 New Member

  20. pila3

    pila3 New Member

    1A1BA adding all here accepting all as well
  21. Agimax

    Agimax New Member

    Addme! 1402C!!


    :)I WILL ACCEPT ALL!!!:)
  22. jc1234

    jc1234 New Member

    Hey all. I just found this game and think its great. I work for motorola and decided to try out the droid and some apps after hearing all the hype from some coworkers, but never figured I would end up playing games on this thing. Anyway, now Im hooked on this game and like to buy property to allow income to build up while Im working and cant play, but I keep getting attacked and robbed. I only earn a few thousand an hour right now and a level 8, but plan to buy more property if I can keep from getting robbed.

    Will joining a gang keep others from wanting to fight me so easily, or no?

    Any tips?

    My friend code is19F44

    And before you ask, no I can not get you a free droid or free accessories.
  23. Insomnia

    Insomnia New Member

    Add me I check every few hours.
  24. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    add me too please!


    also accepting all requests
  25. Gyan1010

    Gyan1010 New Member

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