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Gang wars - Post Your Code Here

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  1. maxas

    maxas New Member

    CODE: 10D8C (one, zero, D, eight, C)

    Thanks :D

  2. maxas

    maxas New Member


    Add me please
  3. jc1234

    jc1234 New Member

    Well, I reset my game after adding almost everyone in this thread and stupidly forgot to write down friend codes.

    I will start adding people again, but Im a slow typer on the phone still. I would really appreciate anyone adding me!

    My friend code is 19F44

    Thank you very much to anyone who takes the time to read this post and add me!
  4. slowdog

    slowdog New Member

    Add me: 1A6A8 :cool:
  5. lukebavarious

    lukebavarious New Member

    1c672 add me
  6. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    We are gonna have a huge AF Gang going at the end of all this!
  7. ougijoe

    ougijoe New Member

    Might as well keep it goin!

    1cf60 (That's a zero)
  8. pillyqo

    pillyqo New Member

    Hey guys add me when you get a chance. Been playing two months and kicking booty but I need gang members. Thank you all in advance.


  9. cwalker317

    cwalker317 New Member

  10. rafg01

    rafg01 New Member


    My code: 1BDEE
  11. freeupli

    freeupli Guest

    how do i play?????
  12. nnklem

    nnklem Member

    My code: 1F412
  13. freeupli

    freeupli Guest

    My code: 1F412*
  14. msiege2

    msiege2 New Member

    My code is 1F24E. Please add me.

  15. Super Jay

    Super Jay New Member

  16. lhro23

    lhro23 New Member

    yoyo plz add me just got on the game trying to get big add me 20987 add me my gang is usmc add!!!
  17. CJBullitt

    CJBullitt Well-Known Member

    Add me plz..... 1FBC4
  18. jaymit

    jaymit New Member

    Please add -- 1E79B
  19. sqirrells

    sqirrells New Member

    add me: 20a2b (thats a zero by the way)
  20. jrod15

    jrod15 New Member

    22692 new hard worker
  21. BigMack

    BigMack New Member

    Brand new..please add me

  22. bimm3rb0y

    bimm3rb0y Active Member

  23. splenditello

    splenditello Member

    i noticed that they were removed as well from the market..where'd they go?
  24. rickwho

    rickwho New Member

    -------> 1d0bc <-------
  25. coexp

    coexp New Member

    Hi, add me :



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