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  1. Kenjuu

    Kenjuu Active Member

    2C51E add me plz:D

  2. madvilla1n

    madvilla1n New Member

    Add me, I check often : 2EF16
  3. theduke19

    theduke19 New Member

    Please Add Me
    Code: 3262F

  4. yukisho

    yukisho New Member

    Add me 30F2F
  5. gsxr310

    gsxr310 Active Member

    add me 33343
  6. underdog1978

    underdog1978 Member

    Just started due to this thread, wanted to see what it's all about.

    My code is 34AD2

    Working my way through this thread adding all those who have posted :D
  7. Dewz_Owen

    Dewz_Owen New Member

    Add me 29549 29549
  8. "Q"

    "Q" Member

  9. revtree

    revtree Member


    Add me!

  10. "Q"

    "Q" Member

    10630 add me
  11. "Q"

    "Q" Member

  12. maciekpas

    maciekpas New Member

    Add me 2F91C

    my lvl is 47 and i have 91 people in my gang
  13. grey27

    grey27 New Member

    add me. 383b2.. New user
  14. PrO1210

    PrO1210 Well-Known Member

    3223A...I need more gangsters for my guns...3223A
  15. Pharmacist

    Pharmacist New Member

    Add me!!!

  16. Osgoroth

    Osgoroth New Member

    I'm growing up my gang: 323AA
  17. Evans

    Evans New Member

    34B4A - Add me....
  18. Fuzzy77

    Fuzzy77 New Member

    I will accept all invit.
  19. cherrypop225

    cherrypop225 New Member

    check everyday
  20. cherrypop225

    cherrypop225 New Member

    38919 add me i check every hour
  21. Lacke

    Lacke New Member

    Add me Please 3BB2C
  22. alex1a1a1a

    alex1a1a1a New Member

    please add me :)

  23. bigice12

    bigice12 New Member

    3b1ae I added... some of your codes dont work.... add me if you want... also is there a simple way to know your chances going into a fight?
  24. thierro45

    thierro45 New Member

    Please add me 399AB
  25. ImprezYaSTi

    ImprezYaSTi New Member

    A lot of my friends play this, I think I might have to check into it.

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