GAOSP Beta 3

  1. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    It's out. Get it here. More information here.

    I'm installing right now, I'll post my comments later.

    PS: Merry Christmas! ;)

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  2. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Yep, it's finally here, the long awaited Beta release. Now when stupid issues are gonna get posted on issue pages.

    NOTE: to all of you who want to use the GAOSP Beta 3, before installing do a full wipe. And when you get issues, post them on Drakaz forum first and then on issue pages (if no one has any solution). :cool:
  3. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    Yeah Lelouch, I hope people post their stuff on the drakaz forum instead of opening useless issues.

    And for anyone interested, here's my theme for the beta 3. In Cyanogen Mod Settings, go to User interface, Tweak Extras, Select a Theme and select Stock Black.

    Now that I've themed it, I can start using it. :D
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  4. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the theme bro. :p I will gladly use it.
    Btw, did you try if Gingerbread keyboard is working in Beta 3? :confused:

    EDIT: btw, why 0.4 version of the theme? Any bugs or??? :confused:
  5. ct2020

    ct2020 Well-Known Member

    Installing! I didn't see anything about random shutoff/have to pull battery out to reboot issue being fixed. I won't be on wifi for a while, so if someone can test this that would be great!
  6. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    Didn't try the keyboard just yet, I'm trying to port the custom window animation. And it's 0.4 because it's the fourth version, I always start at 0.1. :D (There shouldn't be any bugs, I just have to change it with every GAOSP release.)

    EDIT: Done, here's my theme but with the custom animations found here. It's getting confusing, I should put a changelog somewhere.

    I turned the wifi on and I'm waiting to see it the phone is going to shut down. So far, so good. ;)
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  7. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    So 0.5 version of the theme is with the animation and 0.4 version of the theme is without animation??? :confused:
    And like you said, it's getting quite confusing. :p

    EDIT: btw, which version of the gapps are you using? Ultralight, light or the regular gapps?
  8. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    Right. I do have a change log on my computer, but it's half-English, half-French, contains lots of inappropriate language and I'm the only one that would understand.

    I might start doing something more official instead of posting the updated version in pretty much any thread. The one for the previous nightly got 80 downloads, not so bad when I thought no one would use it.
  9. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Well, we are here to prove you wrong. :p
    So it's a good idea to open a new thread for your theme for more users to know about it. Some screenshots here and there, change log would be nice :p , and later you can just easily do an update of the first post.

    GO FOR IT BRO (I'm cheering you on :p )!!!
  10. bisanu

    bisanu Well-Known Member

    i cannot OC my processor? how about you guys?
  11. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    Works fine for me. Open up GAOSP config, touch the text (Max CPU frequency), accept and then you will be able to change the numbers.
  12. bisanu

    bisanu Well-Known Member

    oh,, thanks, and what about android market, should it upgrade automatically?
  13. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Nope, it won't upgrade it automatically.
    I upgraded it via Recovery, but apparently not all can upgrade it successfully.
  14. rajm11

    rajm11 Member

    hey guys can u give me head up on beta 3 alike feature wise and working wise and all please ?
  15. ct2020

    ct2020 Well-Known Member

    Read the second link in the first post. I haven't ran across anything not working yet.
  16. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    If you don't count in bluetooth. :p
  17. bisanu

    bisanu Well-Known Member

    my opinion is that 2.2 is tooooooo slowwww for Galaxy. i hate it to be honest. i could easily smack my phone in the wall 10 times a day :/
  18. ajay_akhilis

    ajay_akhilis New Member

    i am on android 1.6 and i do not hav galaxy updater also.can anyone plz guide me to flash my galaxy with gaosp 2.2 froyo beta3.

    thank you in advance.
  19. bisanu

    bisanu Well-Known Member

  20. ct2020

    ct2020 Well-Known Member

    1. Go to Market.
    2. Search
    3. Type in Galaxy Update
    4. Choose the donate version.
    5. Check out and download
  21. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    WOW !!! :eek:

    I got so busy with work that I lost touch of the galaxy scene. I come back, and see that BETA3 is out !! Woo Hoo !!!

    Now all I need to do is wait for Jan 1st to pass by, so I can try it out (I have finance apps that I keep on a monthly schedule).

    Great going folks !! And some of the themes I'm seeing are amazing!

  22. DaSchmarotzer

    DaSchmarotzer Blame it on me VIP Member

    Welcome back. ;)

    Skipped this part. I'm using the good old regular gapps because the ultralight brought a couple issues to me. From now on I'll be using the light package though.
  23. assassin50

    assassin50 Member

    Damn GAOSP is fast. With overclock to 720 and cpu governor it works real well. Normally I uninstall every nightlybuild after a couple of Hours/days. But this time it's a keeper :rolleyes: Apparently compcache is also turned on by default in cyanogen menu. (18%) batterylife is also good. 40 hours with 50% left. Data on all the time, sync on. Wifi for max 30 min. Some calling, and around 20 sms.

    There are only 2 things I'm a tiny little bothered with. First is that when I get an incomming call, the screens stays black for a long time. Almost as long as the ringtone itself. Secondly whenever I unlock the phone, sometimes the lockscreen comes up very slow. You think you don't have to unlock, but then 2 seconds later the unlockscreen pops up. But hey, two things I can live with :eek:
  24. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    i useed to get that when running two home applications. (one system and one market)

    im going to convince the wife to let me put this on her phone
    ive now got a desire so im out of touch with you guys but i want to see how the galaxy works with a tasty 2.2 build
  25. specjr

    specjr Member

    Cool. I'm assuming that you still have the i7500L DaSchmarotzer. I think I will try to update to this beta one i have a few hours free time.

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