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  1. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    Thanks, and nope, profiles are fine for me :)

  2. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Forum !!!

    There's a bit on confusion on this

    You have to apply the 8 mb version by choosing apply any zip from sd

    You can overwrite the 17 mb version...Makes no difference
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  3. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    Oh grt Whats your baseband..Im on XEJC6
    This is why the thread exploded :D
  4. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    Same baseband as you it appears mate, sorry about that.
    Yep. I used to have 22-24MB now looking at 34MB :D Explains why it feels sooo much quicker.
  5. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    Confirm It Dude...Its giving me a headache now :eek:
    32 - 36 MBs ...WTF !!!
    Have you guys hacked into the RAM or what.
    I just have 24-27 n it looks to stay right there
  6. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it is that I'm afraid :p
    And no, I've not tweaked, compcache is on though.
  7. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    Uninstalled setCPU..Restarted and installed 2.03 again
    Same thing...The moment I touch profiles it FCz

    Feel like either throwing myselves or the galaxy at the wall #@%$#
  8. r3dpuma

    r3dpuma Well-Known Member

    Hehe i made explode with my annoying questions :D The good part is that i`m over happy and satisfied by this nightly :D its waaaaaaaat better than galaxo.
    Anyway any help with my keyboard, can someone upload a .apk from ure phones with a working htc_ime or swiftkey. or link me on private :D
  9. Jackco

    Jackco Well-Known Member

    What do you like vs the galaxo? i have them both installed and cant see the main difference. The headset does not work yet, well known problem. GAOSP is slower, not too slow, compared with galaxo and I cant decide which one to stick to.

    swiftkey beta works and its free in market on nightly build. :D
  10. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    Headset is fine if you can get the last GAOSP (not the current one). I find it a decent amount quicker, and there's more RAM (10MB) free which I assume is what causes the speed increase.
  11. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    My recent exploits with GAOSP nightly 09182010

    Objective : To try and replace the 3dgallery with 2dgaosp found from somewhere in drakaz forum

    Tools Used : Root Explorer

    Results :

    1. The gallery stopped working altogether
    2. Force closures on taking picture with the camera
    3. Lots of irritation and fury
    Conclusions :

    1. Life is good. Im still alive. Experiment with your phone
    2. Have a nandroid backup before you dwell with your wild side.
    3. Say YaY !! YaY !! Galaxo Saves a lot of arse* :D
    *End of objective*

    **Mission Failed**
  12. pegasus21

    pegasus21 Well-Known Member

    I encountered an error that causes a program to force close in a similar fashion.

    I was using the latest nightly but coupled with an older version of the gapps package. In my case, I noticed that the owner and group of the app's directory and the app pkg weren't the same (One was 100xx and the other was 1000 aka root). I changed the owner and group to the same one (follow the 100xx or the app_xx).

    Another thing I noted was that this only happens for apps that are uninstalled then reinstalled or replaced with a newer version.

    I performed a wipe, reinstall of the nightly and used the 17mb gapps package and currently it seems ok.
  13. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    Wiped and installed 9182010 Nightly again.
    This time applied the 17 mb version gaaps. It works perfectly ok. 3d gallery is definitely fast with the 17mb gaaps as compared to 8mb version gaaps.

    While doing nandroids was pleasantly surprised to find that each slot can hold more than one backups. WOW that was serendipity. Loving the recovery even more by Drakaz :p

    But the problem of installs from market getting stuck up remain.(Switched to wifi after a restart and was ok with markets. Will Shift to EDGE to see how markets behave)
  14. Kamala

    Kamala Well-Known Member

    @ Dude! I managed to put 2D gallery, it works perfect. I mean not perfect... you cant put wallpaper from gallery, but you can put it from homescreen/wallpaper/choose :)
    Using 8mb gaaps.
  15. Kamala

    Kamala Well-Known Member

    How do you mean is fine, and whats last GAOSP?
  16. r3dpuma

    r3dpuma Well-Known Member

    dudes, big problem i have., status bar shows that headphones/handsfree icon, and now when i`m making calls i cant hear anything, probably the phone thinks that i have headset in and it sends the call sound to headset(which doesnt exists). any ideas? how do i set handsfree options, from where, i cant make calls....hopefully when i wake up i`ll have my answer. Some other thing, none of the startup managers work on froyo, not startup auditor or any others, not even the "running services" options built-in the applications settings menu...and i have apps like real player, messaging, voice search and yaam that start on their own....
  17. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    My mate was using his headphones with the previous (not the latest) version of GAOSP - actually it might have been the last August release.
  18. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    Have you done the plugging headphones in and unplugging them quickly thing a few times?
  19. r3dpuma

    r3dpuma Well-Known Member

    Well it fixed itself...:D
  20. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    Oh not much posts in two days
    Is this the lull before the storm ?
    For the record The Drakaz is back after a vacation in Morocco :)
  21. Kamala

    Kamala Well-Known Member

    nah dude..
    btw Did anyone have any problem with connecting to WiFi. I couldnt connect on my 2nd Galaxy. I ve just installed latest nightly but it disconnects me after "obtain address...". Any idea about it? I ve tried wipe and reinstall, and it works normal in
  22. amrutpritam

    amrutpritam Active Member

    guys anybody could update the gmail application on gaosp ? for me its downloading but says package not signed properly

    and what mflops you are getting?I am using the 8th Sept nightly and getting 0.99 mflops :(
  23. Naruvam

    Naruvam Well-Known Member

    Downloads properly but also can't instal...
  24. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    It installed randomly on mine
    When stuck on downloading ...I stopped it ... Restarted the phone and it automatically updated the next time I opened the market.


    Though not much features on 2.3 or 2.2
    It can only attach images.
    K-9 is lot better
  25. pegasus21

    pegasus21 Well-Known Member

    I had issues trying to install it. The package downloaded fine. That was when I was using an older gapps collection. After reinstalling and using the latest gapps from drakaz, it installed fine.

    Not sure if that is the thing that did it for me.

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