GB 2.3 for D2G

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  1. burnthemartyr

    burnthemartyr Member

    My mom has been bugging me non-stop about why she hasn't received GB update. And I can't figure it out myself, cause from what I keep reading, it was released quite awhile ago. But everytime we try to do an OTA on her phone, it say's there is no update. So I am starting to just think imma have to manually install it. but I found multiple different types of files for the update for download, and wasn't sure which ones were correct or not. So Can someone hook me up with a link to the proper files.

    I am honestly trying to get her to upgrade to something new, like I am going to be doing soon. I am currently on the LG Revolution, which I love, its a great phone, but now I am ready for something new, and I am trying to get her to do the same. Cause the D2G sucks compared to what is available now. I had it at one point, but quickly switched it for the Droid X.

  2. tjl1756

    tjl1756 New Member

    Have you tried the Settings>About Phone>System Update method?
  3. tjl1756

    tjl1756 New Member

    Pardon the silly question. You said that you'd done the OTA several times. What version does the phone say is at?
  4. burnthemartyr

    burnthemartyr Member

    sorry i know this is a month old thread, but i still have the problem, my mom wont stop hounding me every time i see her and we bring up phones lol and because I got GB 2.3 on my GF's, she's jealous, I manually installed it on her's tho, which is what i am about to do on my moms. But to answer your question, it says its 2.2 Froyo. I know the difference between the two, so I would kno if it had 2.3, and I obviously check that. But no worries, the only stupid question is the question not asked lol

    And yes, I've tried OTA several times, but it keeps saying no updates available, or you are up to date, something like that, i dont kno if my GF's phone had the same problem cause I didn't even try I just skipped the hassle and went straight up installing it manually.But I keep reading that people have downloaded the GB 2.3 update via OTA on their D2G's, so I don't quite get what the problem is. I kno the phone isn't rooted.....

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