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  1. Ovechcro87

    Ovechcro87 New Member

    Hi, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S II X, and I've tried both Mojo GBA Lite and Gameboid, but each has the same problem; the screen turns black and it goes back to the file chooser once you choose a ROM. I've tried many different ROMs, from multiple sites, but none have worked. Yes, I've found a BIOS that works. Any suggestions on why this might be happening? Thanks in advance.

  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Maybe it has something to do with your GPU? I wouldn't know how to fix it off hand, but maybe you could try chainfire 3d (if you are rooted). Other than that, I can move this thread into a Galaxy S2 forum to see if they know more information.
  3. Ovechcro87

    Ovechcro87 New Member

    Actually, I fixed the problem. I downloaded Gameboid from Slide Me instead and that version worked. Thanks for trying, though.

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