GBC Pro, with reset problems

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  1. t2nov

    t2nov Member

    As you have already noticed, GBC games are one of the best choices for android gaming, the thing is...their emulators aren't perfect.
    GBC Pro is...guess what, a GBC emulator. I paid, downloaded and installed it, the problem is, when pressing the d-pad and the A-B buttons, the rom is resetted. Every time. It's annoying enough to be posted. Did anyone have this problem, and solved it?
    My device (Philips Connect 3) has no physical button avaliable to the emulator, so the touchscreen is the only input source.

  2. t2nov

    t2nov Member

    I find the lack of support disturbing.
  3. HJAcevedo

    HJAcevedo Well-Known Member

    Relax, you only waited approximately one hour and this problem seems to not be very common according to google. Wait and see.
  4. t2nov

    t2nov Member

    22 hours yet, and 119 views, with only one external reply, can I talk like Darth Vader now?

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