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Gears of Wars 2

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  1. Pathosis

    Pathosis Well-Known Member

    Anyone waiting for it? I am.. ;)

  2. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    Have you been playin' it?
  3. AndRoid07

    AndRoid07 Member

    got the game on saturday, beat it by 9pm sunday.

    Just moved to Iowa and had no DirecTV or cable, or even internet!:eek: So thats why i played it so much lol.

    But this game was awesome! kept me occupied and had a great story to it. Love horde mode, other than the fact that my friend and i always screw around and never get past level 12.
  4. SecretAsianMan

    SecretAsianMan Well-Known Member

    lol, ima need an intervention for this game! im so damn addicted! after a 12hr days of work ill still play this damn game for like 5hrs! horrible, my gf is hating me. lol.by the way...... its the best game ever created!

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    Theres an Xbox Group you guys can join on this forum. Go ahead and add me, i play it all the time....just be aware...i will SOOOOO PWN you all! :)
  6. KeEp +

    KeEp + Active Member

    Yes the game is truly awesome and very very addicting. A ****ing Brumak man, Damn! those who beat the game know what i'm talking about.
  7. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    LOL @ pwnin' Net-Burn ... You've no idea of the skills!

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