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  1. powell

    powell Well-Known Member

    You are not allowed to change calendar for existing event. This is not a bug, this is a feature (or, at least, this is how it was designed).
    Maybe it should be made more obvious, I will think of writing something like "fixed" or try to dim the name of the calendar, so there will be no doubts that it cannot be changed.
    I understand, that moving/copying event from one calendar to another could be useful, but it needs to be thought over before implementation, since it can lead to the unexpected results.
    But, all in all, everything is possible :)

  2. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I WAS running 0.9.15, but just updated it to 16.
  3. jae_63

    jae_63 Well-Known Member

    OK, please consider this a feature-request, then :)
  4. andreas81

    andreas81 Active Member

    Hi Powell.

    I just got my first android phone a couple of days ago, a nice htc desire, and as such am searching for a "good" calendar app. I have to say yours hold alot of promize, although there are some things that still annoy me a little. But first some general feedback.

    The way of setting time for an appointment I think is quite perfect, not really used to android calendars in general but I can just set a start-time very easily, and ending times are not usually important to me so 1hour duration is a perfect default.

    I think it's great that your calendar shows weeknumbers btw, this is one of the main things that annoys me alot with googles calendar, good job!

    As for some general criticism, even though the texture of your calendar is commendably pretty, I would much enjoy a more sleek look of the calendar, I think this would make it more functional and easily give an overview of the month in question.

    Furthermore I think you should add more ways of displaying events on specific days, referring to the little circle above the date which has an event on it. I think a great way to do it would have an entirely different background color of that entire datenumber/day, the little dot is just pathetic small and easily missed (not just talking about your implementation, I think the same of the google calendar apps version).

    Lastly I found the small arrows to scroll months with a bit too "insensitive", ofcourse I am new to full touchscreen phones too :) But I don't know if you could perhaps make their touch area bigger?

    A very impressive application with great promise! I love that you can pick which calendar to synch with at start, speaking of which I think there is lacking a way to change which one is currently the synched one?

    Keep up the good work, I'm gonna keep this as my standard app for now and try it out some more.

    // Andreas
  5. oppendroid

    oppendroid Well-Known Member

    FINALLY! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was just about to download a few of the Pure Calendar items when I saw a post about Gemini Calendar. Whew!

    I just downloaded the app and it is excellent.

    I noticed the same problem as Andreas - the scrolling arrows to change the month are not very responsive. It took me awhile to get it to respond.

    I am earerly awaiting a widget and some skins.

    Thank you for being so responsive. That really makes a difference for me when choosing an application.
  6. syrguy1969

    syrguy1969 Well-Known Member

    I will be an Android user in three months (when my new every 2 with VZW is up) and get the Incredible. This app will be one of the first I download (as long as it is compatible with the Incredible). I LOVE the look, that is a skin very much like what I would make. I do hope it has a widget by the time I get to it, but that would NOT stop me from downloading and using this app...I'm keeping my eye on this thread!!!
  7. 02keilj

    02keilj Well-Known Member

    Downloaded your calender. Only problem is there is no widget, as soon as you get a widget going i will swith straight to your calender :)
  8. andreas81

    andreas81 Active Member

    I just thought of an idea regarding the month-browsing functionality that I would much prefer over its current system.

    Instead of having to use buttons, I think it would be absolutely great if one could just swipe over the month-overview left or right to browse to the next or previous month. This would really increase the functionality and userexperience imo, really hope you can implement this.

    EDIT: Alternatively if you made the area with the side-buttons and month-name swipable, that would work great too :)

    // Andreas
  9. powell

    powell Well-Known Member

    Version 0.9.17 released.
    There are three new features:

    • recurrent events can now be set according to the days of week (separately selectable Mo, Tu, We etc.)
    • new event can be added with relation to the call log of your phone - choose Add From Log from menu, you will see call log (history), then you can add event which will have data from the call log,
    • new event can be added with relation to the phone book of your phone - choose Add From Book from menu, then select one of your contact,
    Besides, I have polished view on the high resolution screen (that is for you, Droid owners ;))
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  10. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    The graphics look GREAT on my Moto Droid! THANKS!

    Don't know if you're thinking about adding this or not, but something helpful would be:

    GO TO (DATE)

    I needed to look at some events that are happening in the summer of 2012, and it took me a while to get there!
  11. syrguy1969

    syrguy1969 Well-Known Member

    Do appointments show on the Android lock screen? I know this may not be the most appropriate thread for that question, but I figured if anyone would answer it would be someone that is creating a calender app!!! LOL
  12. robertpopa22

    robertpopa22 New Member

    The best app for Android!!!
    Thank you very much. As I've seen in the last month the updates come very quickly and we are very satisfied with the product. Here are some ideas:
    - gestures:
    - think about changing the month with a gesture on the screen (left-right)
    - hiding the month view by a swipe down (similar to the status bar) to leave a day view (when multiple events)
    - for a widget consider something like SmoothCalendar 4x1 form, very usefull on the home screen, and eventually a 4x2 for a week view
    - If you plan to close the beta and make it a paid version PLEASE find a way for outsiders, like me, to be able to pay for it. I suggest something from the inside the app, alongside with the market.
    - Also leave free a lite/demo version, so that new Android users, outside US, can find about it

    Once again thank you! Really the best app on my HTC Desire.
  13. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    please add this feature: the ability to have irregularly recurring events (such as a call schedule).. I would pay for that. Anything you can do to mimic datebk6 palm app would be great!
  14. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    What happens after May 15th? Will there be a newer beta version, a full free version, or will this turn into a commercial app?

    The reason I'm asking is, it certainly seems qualified to cost money ... but so many of us (in particular, me) are not able to purchase apps. :(
  15. carloi

    carloi Member

    One of the best calendar app so far. Is there a way you can incorporate a copy/paste function?

    I need to copy an existing entry (description & location) to another week similar to the way it's done on a windows mobile calendar.

  16. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!! VIP Member

    I too wonder what will happen after 05/15/2010. I really like this app and would be willing to pay up to a couple of bucks for it (provided some important features mentioned in this thread are added and some issues corrected).

  17. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    An interesting thing about alarms... Gemini has an "on time" reminder, as well as 5 minutes before, 10 minutes before etc. But I noticed that if I set an "on time" reminder in Gemini, it results in a "1 minute before" reminder in the stock calendar (which isn't usually available).

    So if I set a reminder for "5 minutes before" and "on time," I get an alarm 5 minutes before and 1 minute before. Not much that can be done about that, I'm guessing.
  18. powell

    powell Well-Known Member

    On-time reminder is in fact a reminder which is set 1 minute before the event. Unfortunately, reminders can be set only in a minute resolution, there is also a system scheduler, which makes the alarms appear even less accurate (usually 15 - 20 seconds after the time that was set).
    Gemini Calendar used to have "0 minutes before the event" reminder, but such reminders caused double alarms on some devices with Android >=1.6 on board.

    If it comes to the 15th May and "deadline" which appears in the About dialog. It is not my intention to tease you, my friends. Gemini Calendar is still in the phase of beta, it is updated quite often, and expiration date is suppose to remind everyone, that there could be another version on the market, with new features and fixes. BTW: next version, which is almost finished and is being tested now, will have this expiration date postponed.

    Some day, in the future, Gemini Calendar will probably turn into a paid/commercial application. However, this will happen not before the most important features are finished. I can assure you, that when this day comes, cost will be reasonable, we will also consider releasing a free, simplified version of the calendar.
    Moreover, we appreciate the effort of being beta tester, so users, who actively send us opinions, bug reports and other valuable information about Gemini Calendar, can count on a free license, as a reward.
    I understand very well, that not everyone can purchase application in the Android Market. Personally, I live in the country that was not lucky enough to have this Market feature enabled.
  19. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    We really appreciate your continued work on this app... for free! And appreciate even more your willingness to listen to suggestions!
  20. VShort

    VShort New Member

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!! The only thing I hated about My Android was the Calendar. I am a Hairstylist and have clients who have repeating appointments every 5, 6, 8 weeks, etc. Before your app I couldn't schedule their appointments easily. I just installed your calendar, and so far it looks like it will make me very happy! I will keep you posted. Thanks again!
  21. VShort

    VShort New Member

    I'm having some problems advancing the month on the full calander view. I can go back months but not forward. ??
  22. carloi

    carloi Member

    The last two entries of my day view shows the following day's schedule and when I scroll left, the animation still goes right.
  23. Sibrewer

    Sibrewer Member

    Just want to add to the 'Thanks' to Powell for continued development of this much-needed app. I've just installed it on my HTC Desire and it looks like just what I need at first glance. I will try to add any constructive comments here as I use it more. I'm an ex-Datebk 6 user as well, so have come to expect a lot from a Calendar app! I already like parts of this though - nice one - keep up the good work!
  24. powell

    powell Well-Known Member

    Here comes a new version (0.9.19)

    • Go to date dialog is now available for the Month and Day View, you can easily switch the current date to another with the same input method as in Add New Event View.
    • Three different shortcuts for the launcher has been added. Long press on the desktop, then enter Shortcuts menu. Select one of the shortcuts:
      • Add normal event,
      • Add event from log,
      • Add event from book,
    • Events in Month View and Day View are now sorted by start time, regardless of the calendar they belong to,
    • Font sizes in Day View can be changed (see preferences),
    • Read only calendars are detected and removed from the list of calendars when adding new event,
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  25. robertpopa22

    robertpopa22 New Member


    Just upgraded to 0.9.19 on HTC Desire. After choosing the calendars it stoped working. I had to reboot, the phone became unusable. After reboot, gemini calendar still didn't respond. It just loads the main screen and stops. Perhaps a 0.9.20 will fix the app :)

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