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  1. hpng5

    hpng5 New Member


    Sorry if this is really obvious but I have a question about Android software updates.

    I purchased a HTC incredible S a few months ago and there was a system update to 2.3.3

    A few weeks ago my friend purchased a HTC incredible S and he got a system update to 2.3.5

    Is there anyway I can also upgrade to 2.3.5? I have checked for updates and the phone says none are available.
    Or is every single phone different?
    Or does it depend on the telecommunications carrier?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Italo

    Italo Well-Known Member

    If you and your friend are on different carriers, that is most likely the reason he has the update before you. Since he has it, that means the manufacturer has finished porting that version to the handset. Most carriers make additional changes to the ROM after the carrier is finished with it (adding bloatware, removing tethering, etc.).
  3. hpng5

    hpng5 New Member

    ah ok. cool thanks

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