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  1. so what do u like bout your hydro.n wat do u want on it

  2. fordefied

    fordefied New Member

    man ive had this phone since it came out and cant find anyway to root and no cool stuff like new roms ,should of got anotgher evo 4g but i thought this phone would be just as good (has same processer) please help someone
  3. i4cbj45

    i4cbj45 Well-Known Member

    I had a warp but wanted the same power and ICS ina smaller package. Gotta say this phone delivers. I'm not overly concerned about roms for this device as I'm enjoying ICS. I would however like a rooting method to get rid of some junk on the phone.
  4. iiatl

    iiatl New Member

    I bought this phone because my HTC EVO Design 4G on Boost stopped working. Therefore, I needed a phone to use while my EVO Design is being fixed.

    The features I like about this phone is that it is water resistant and runs Android 4.0. I want to know how to root this phone.
  5. LEVERage

    LEVERage Well-Known Member

    You and me both lol

    I like the fact that it actually does what it's suppose to do out of the box, unlike my ZTE warp, which was heavily modded, lol.
  6. stingrays

    stingrays Well-Known Member

    Since it is ICS 4.0, it will take some time to get root on this phone. I am working on the root issue but it will take some time. One little slip up and i have a factory brick. :D
  7. J6Remy

    J6Remy Well-Known Member

    Kyocera really has this thing on lock.. This could take some time.
  8. Travisholt92

    Travisholt92 Well-Known Member

    tho i dont have this phone im thinking at some point i'll probably end up downgrading from my evo design 4g to the hydro.. i just see my design as becoming bricked in the near future
  9. LEVERage

    LEVERage Well-Known Member

    How did you come to that assumption? Lol
  10. i4cbj45

    i4cbj45 Well-Known Member

    Very happy we have a working root method. Now I can only look forward to CWM and some ROM's . I may keep this phone yet. It is strangley cool to be able to text in the shower. lol
  11. Robertech

    Robertech Well-Known Member

    Who else almost wet themselves upon hearing root has finally been achieved? Lol big thanks to the devs for that cookie. On another note, who can I hire to build an app for something?

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