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  1. Morphie

    Morphie Member

    I wanted to compile a list of the quirks, glitches and little annoyances I've had with this phone. Overall, it's been a great phone and a welcomed breath of fresh air from the Droid X.

    Basically everything I could point out here can be ignored or worked around, but it would be nice if they have a fix or can be fixed in the near future. My hope is that some developer of some sort takes note of my list and uses it for future builds.

    If anyone knows of any solutions to the following or has the same issues please feel free to share!

    Here's my list:

    1) Alarms do not go off long enough: When my alarm goes off in the morning it only plays for one minute before it automatically selects "snooze" for me. It would be nice if there were a setting that allowed the alarm to go off, on loop, indefinitely until it's shut off. Automatic snooze selection after only one minute is sort of counter-intuitive for heavy sleepers.

    2) No screen timeout setting for lock screen: I use a numeric pin to lock my phone. When I hit the power button, the screen stays on for 5 seconds before turning off unless I unlock it. When unlocked, the screen remains on for 10 minutes (as I set it). It would be nice if the screen timeout persisted through to the lockout screen as well, or if individual settings existed for each.

    3) File and folder locking/hiding without losing accessibility: I like to keep things organized. I hate that my wallpapers and custom icons folders appear in the Gallery list. I find it really annoying that all my ringtones are carefully organized in individual folders by artist only to have the ringtone selector list glom them all together alphabetically along with the horrible default tones. I've seen a lot of apps that allow you to hide folders and I've tried the ".naming" trick to solve this issue. The problem with these methods is, your phone can't see these things anymore either. I've tried selecting/setting them from the back-end via a file manager app, but the phone won't always allow this. It would be nice to have a way to hide things for better organization, but also still have them be able to be selected by the phone providing you know the exact file path.

    4) Picture messages view as video clips:
    Whenever I receive an image via messaging, I click on the image in the text message history to view it. When the image displays, it has movie controls at the bottom and the timeline is running. Every image I receive and view this way is treated as a 4-6 second movie. The problem is that none of these are actual videos or even animated GIFs, they're just still images. The video controls take up a portion of the image and are sort of distracting. It would be nice if there was a way to view them simply as images, because they are images.

    5) Battery indicator inaccurate: I downloaded "Quick Battery Widget" to actually see a numeric translation of what percentage my battery was at. Sometimes, the widget will report it's at 30% when the icon in the notification bar appears to be blue and visually at 50%. It would be nice to have a numeric indication and more accurate representation without needing to download an app or widget.

    6) Ringtone Cutoff: I've seen this issue mentioned before, but I figured I would add it to my list. Whenever I receive a call, the first second or three of the ringtone I chose plays very quietly, after which it will play at the current volume the phone is set to. It would be nice if the volume could be consistent at all times and didn't cut off the beginning or every ringtone.

    7) Front-facing camera quirks: Why can't "add me" be used in the front-facing camera setting? Why aren't different scenes/lighting options available? Why can't the timer be used? It would be nice to have these features when taking pictures with the front-facing camera. It just seems incomplete as is.

    8) No date/time display when using PIN?: I use a PIN lock on my phone, which does not display the time or date when viewed (without unlocking it). It would be nice to hit the power button and see the time and date without needing to unlock the phone to get this information while using a PIN lock.

    9) Notifications looping: I've noticed that notifications that are in MP3 format loop when played. This is really annoying and certainly must be unintentional.

    10) Contact history: It would be really nice if there were an option to never save contact history, particularly for text messages. It's really tedious to delete an entire conversation but still have it exist in the contact history.

    I'll edit/update this as I do more research and receive feedback.

  2. daventodd

    daventodd Member

    The battery meter is unaccurate for me as well. I have downloaded a widget that displays it in the notification menu so i can have an accurate reading
  3. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I've noticed the battery indicator likes to overestimate. But the thing that really bugs me is the lock screen comes up every time I sleep/wake the screen. Doesn't matter for how long. And I want the screen to never time out, but the maximum is 10 minutes. Wtf is up with that?

    These are more reasons to get CyanoGen on this phone.
  4. Morphie

    Morphie Member

    What widget was that?
  5. daventodd

    daventodd Member

    It is..... "Battery Widget" by Elvision
  6. cannew

    cannew Member

    Does the Battery Widget use up any power? Wouldn't want to add anything which lessens the battery life.
  7. Morphie

    Morphie Member

    Updated and clarified some things.
  8. wewantutopia

    wewantutopia Member

    2 things:

    1. I use .mp3s as notification sounds and no issues with looping

    2. My lock screen DOES show the date. I use the puzzle piece lock screen and I can see the notification bar on the top and and at the bottom it displays the clock (digital) and to the left of the clock it shows the day and date. These are stock settings (no installed lock screen app etc)

    May want to check your settings...
  9. rjcpgh

    rjcpgh Member

    Perhaps the date-and-time-on-the-lock-screen is carrier specific? I am on a Verizon network and my lock screen displays the time in large font, with the day and date in a smaller font below the time. What carrier do you use?
  10. Morphie

    Morphie Member

    I have Verizon as well.

    I just want to clarify that I used a PIN lock. There is no date or time displaying on the PIN screen, and if you use a PIN or pattern unlock it no longer shows the puzzle or glass unlock screens. I think it's silly that they display date/time on the puzzle and glass lock screens but not on the PIN screen.
  11. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    I've noticed a lot of times I'll try to unlock it from the pattern unlock screen and it will act like I'm not even dragging my finger at all. It can take like three or four tries before it actually draws a damn line.
  12. MeLittleMe

    MeLittleMe Active Member

    I hated that too. marcus531 told me about the "Unlock with Wifi free" app. So far it works great. Phone doesn't lock when you are connected to your home wifi (free version allows one wifi. Pay version allows multiple). So the problem doesn't go away but it does when I am home which is most of the time. Great security feature as I don't have to turn it on when I leave the house. The wifi is no longer detected so the lock screen feature is activated.
  13. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    I was fiddling around a bit today, and came across Widgetsoid which creates custom widgets kind of like Powerwidget. The switches include keeping your screen always on, and keeping it always on when plugged in.
  14. AlwaysCranky

    AlwaysCranky New Member

    2) No screen timeout setting for lock screen: I use a numeric pin to lock my phone. When I hit the power button, the screen stays on for 5 seconds before turning off unless I unlock it.

    Are there any Apps that can extend this timeout to 30 or 60 seconds?
  15. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    under settings>display settings>screen timeout, you can set it from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, unless i am misunderstanding your question
  16. AlwaysCranky

    AlwaysCranky New Member

    That is the screen timeout for the phone. I want to extend the timeout for the lock screen where you enter your pattern, PIN or password. The setting you mentioned does not affect the lock screen.
  17. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    ahhh, ok i misunderstood,

    does it really take you that long to put in the PIN?
  18. AlwaysCranky

    AlwaysCranky New Member

    I would be happy to extend it from 5 to 10 seconds... 30 or 60 seconds would be laziness.

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