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  1. Skyrim

    Skyrim New Member


    I had lost my HTC Legend a few months ago, thankfully someone found it however the screen was cracked. I cancelled the plan with my phone carrier. I was just curious to know if it's okay to use the phone for the apps only and buy from the market place with no issues. Also if I can get the screen repaired, and possibly an estimate of how much it would cost. (I live in Ontario, Canada)


  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    If your phone linked with your Google account then there is no problem with the market to buy new apps (by WiFi).

    I use my old HTC Desire with no SIM card by WiFi without problems :)

    But notice: After a factory reset, the Google account link with the phone, I had to set it again. And for this I needed a SIM card.

    I think, after repair, your phone will get a factory reset. So you will need a SIM card to set your Google account on the phone.


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