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General Questions for Micromax A75Support

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  1. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Guys I noticed many general question in the development threads !
    + I did not see any thread for the same in this Forum like we have in Micromax A70 !
    Hence i have made this Thread !!

    Plz post all your general Questions regarding any stuff here !
    All New Members Welcome :)


    1.) How can you remove All the useless apps from Device ?
    ans .) Just Root your device and then with the help of Titanium Backup or any other app simply remove it ...

    2.) How do you Root A75
    Ans .) See the Reference Thread for the thread...

    3.) What cover must I get for my A75 ?
    Ans. ) Well as far as A75 is concerned,
    Nexus S has approx same size as A75 hence you can get anything for the device!

    4.) How can I speed up A75 ?
    ans. ) Simply install UB-A75-1 ROM which has tweaks for Speed and Better battery life
    Or just diable theme ! that also increases some speed ...
    5.) What do you mean by rooting voids warranty and can warranty be gained back ? !
    Ans. ) Rooting involves Adding stuff which factory does not add ! it is like gaining Administrator privileges in Windows .... Rooting ur device does Void ur warranty in the sense that you won't get a free repair for ur device :p !
    but it should be noted that , if wanted, a rooted device can easily be unrooted !
    Moreover, Micromax Ppl do not know what is android !! leave the stuff of rooting :p
    But, you, before rooting plz read the disclaimer !
    For getting back the warranty You simply need to unroot ur device !
    u can use one out of many apps out there for the same !! or simply flash the original Stock dump of MMx A75 :p

    General FAQ

    General Android Phone FAQ
    Ans.) General Android Phone FAQ

    I have a question about how to do something around the forums.
    Ans.) General AndroidForums' Guide

    What is root?/What does being rooted mean?
    Ans.) What is root?/What does being rooted mean

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  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Let's see how this flies as a sticky here, ninadchaudhari. ;)
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  3. Ankysoni

    Ankysoni Active Member

    Hey... Frnds tell me in any launcher i have installed IN MMX A75 they are giving problem at app drawer means when ever i click menu button my phone is taking time in drawing apps and gingerbread default launcher has no this kind of problem plz help me in this matter
  4. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Well the Launcher provided my MMX is not the gingerbread default launcher :p

    it is some shit launcher which is damn slow

    If you install the ROM UB-A75-1 ,I have replaced the mmx launcher by Gingerbread launcher [ the original]

    Now , if you want amazing performance go to Google Play and search for Zeam Launcher , its the fastest launcher out there :p

    if you want more customizations , I will recommend Go Launcher :)
    it has amazing options for customizations !!
  5. Ankysoni

    Ankysoni Active Member

    i have your new rom which has gingerbread launcher but by using other launcher i am facing this problem of slow app drawer and in go launcher has this problem i think it might be problem of processing speed.......
  6. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Use Zeam launcher
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  7. Omkar Sugade

    Omkar Sugade Active Member

    wat are roms for micromax a75?


    How to see current working rom of my device
  8. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    Hi ninad i read all for flashing my fone but unfortunately i am using windows xp Sp2 Usb drivers are no suporting i install WindowsXP-KB959765-x86-ENU.zip‎ tetherxp.zip i did all but my pc cant install those driver it says "The specific location does not Contain Information about your hard ware" Help me :(
  9. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Damn it !
    Xp SP2 ??
    Man its a history !!!

    You need least XP sp3 !!
    Note : Even Microsoft them selves have stopped support for SP2 !!
    More over I do not think even my softwares may support the same
    Though they may support even :p

    Try the general drivers ....
    I am publishing the driver easy installation soon ...

    Btw you can upgrade to SP3 if you wish ! for FREE !!
    no license check reqd. :p
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  10. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    :eek:Jst b4 two days i re install I didnt get win 7 So i am using it :mad: but i tried in my frnd win 7 its says same probz :confused:
  11. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    oh ya !
    I am publishing the drive installation easy way it will help you :)

    Btw just download SP3 at-least :) it comes as a addon from "Microsoft Downloads" for free :) as a exe file ..
    It better :) ,

    for Windows 7 u need different drivers :)
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  12. Ankysoni

    Ankysoni Active Member

    Hey frnds help me that when I use spb shell in my a75 my phones processings goes down slow plz help me to boost it means when I hit home button then it always shows wait while spb shell 3d is loading and it consumes time help me sort out plzzzz
  13. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Nope you cannot do anything !
    SPB shell is damn big launcher and hence will cause lags 100%
    It works on my HTC Desite though ! but it has a hell better specs than A75

    Btw it also lags on A70 !!
    You can use the "launcher in memory tweak" but then I think ur phone will go slow ...
    Instead go for any other launcher many are way better you can use "Beautiful Widgets" app from Google Play to add amazing widgets :)
  14. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    Owh okieThnks ninad i will upgrade My OS :D But Create Universal USB drivers It should Support For all Form Win Xp to Win 7. Btwn My frnd PC has Win 7 Ultimate Which type Of driver in need to dwld MY mmx A75 getting Sukz Day By day :mad: I need Root IT soon :eek: Can u make Flashing Tools and usb Drivers For Linux (UBUNTU):eek:
  15. borsutkar

    borsutkar Well-Known Member

    hey ninad , i m planning to flash and root my mmx A75
    btw for which rom should i go...for ub-a751-1 OR rom root5
  16. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    If you just want root then go for ROOT5 !
    if you want better performance , Better battery life , a cool battery icon !
    like this : [​IMG]

    Go for UB-A75-1 !
  17. Omkar Sugade

    Omkar Sugade Active Member

    hey i hav rooted following youtube video
    but which rom i hav installed?
    where to see my rom?
    i dont hav such battery icon
  18. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    You have installed ROOT4
    For the battery icon
    Download UB-A75-1

    Both are there in the All things root forum
  19. borsutkar

    borsutkar Well-Known Member

    hey ninad pls give me link for Update.zip which is to be use..because we have 2 updates.zip on this forum...also provide links for drivers and SP tools ....

    will it be possible to upload the update without system.img as i hv downloaded ur UB-A75-v2... so the rest will be helpfulll
  20. Ankysoni

    Ankysoni Active Member

    Hey ninad its ok for spb shell...

    I have another prblem with a75 that its gps is not fix it always goes here n there and it is not showing correct position......plzz help me to solve that yaar
  21. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    It is impossible to provide u ppl with Update.zip [ for now ]
    You have to flash the system.img in the same way as you did for Rooting your device ...

    Everything is here :

  22. borsutkar

    borsutkar Well-Known Member

    thanks ninad for ur reply..
    as i told i hv downloaded ur ROM called UB-75 ok but as u said in tutorial we also need other files from the update provided by the micromax, will it be possible to post only the remaining files other than system.img from the updates provided by micromaxx as i have ur UB-A75 ROM
    also the tools to check the integrity of ROM
    and the flasher..
  23. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    seems that the person who made the video has just messed up the stuff ..
    fine I messaged him the same ...

    btw i am uploading the reqd stuff ,
    Upload already started , check out in some time ..

    There is button for it :p
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  24. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

  25. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    Can any one Provide me Scatter.txt file For xp Sp2:) I got drivers Scatter file doesn't suport for xp:eek:

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