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General questions from a soon-to-be-magic-ownerSupport

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  1. plinth

    plinth Member

    Hey, I think I'm going to get a Magic soon (on Vodafone in the UK) and I've seen a lot of talk about rooting, roms, cupcake and even running the Hero sense ui on the Magic.

    I'd like to know what are the main benefits to tweaking/changing/upgrading the Magic's OS, or if I should just stick to what comes out of the box.

    I know Vodafone tend to brand their handsets heavily, which I don't like, and would prefer the Magic to be as Google/HTC intended it - would rooting/a ROM change this? (I've flashed & debranded my old K800 in the past which improved it no end)


  2. badabing

    badabing Well-Known Member

    I really suggest you root and use a custom ROM... There is a lot to choose from, just take the one that fits your need most.
  3. UnderWhat?

    UnderWhat? Well-Known Member

    +1 to badabing.

    Well there are many many, really countless and evergrowing benefits. For example, you can do a nandroid backup to FULLY backup everything on your phone.

    You can flash custom ROMs, which is the biggest deal. For exampe, CyanogenMod ROM is very very fast, much faster than stock, has tons of optimizations, landscape mode pretty much everywhere, and also Multitouch.

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