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  1. rjtim

    rjtim Well-Known Member

    Up for this.

  2. logansowner

    logansowner New Member

    Li Ion batteries have no memory, they don't give a rats behind when you charge them. This used to be a massive problem in the RC car world when people used NiCad and NiHm batteries, but unfortunately old ideas didn't dissappear with the old technology. The LiIon memory worries are much like my grandmother telling me not to go outside without a sweater because I'd catch a cold.
  3. ldivinag

    ldivinag Well-Known Member

    since you brought up the RC world...

    i use lithium POLYMER chemistry batts in me RC cars.'
    they do have a certain rules:

    1. cant go below 3.0 volts per cell.
    2. if you are going to store the batts, you need charge/discharge them to around 60-70% (depends which company tells you) their capacity. in other words dont store it at 100 % or at 20%.

    plus, when charging them, some race events require you to use a special non flammable bag to hold the batts while charging them. i guess too many horror stories of the batts catching on fire.

    i wonder how lithium ION chemistry differs.

    i also have a Li FE batt pack that doesnt have as rules at the LiPO pack. but they just dont have as high capacity voltage (7.4v for LiPO vs 6.6v for LiFE...)
  4. dint

    dint New Member

    I have problem with my galaxy s3 when ever i change from using wifi to data connection i always got a problem of no data connection, i mean i cant open any website with my mobile data. Until i use fly mode several time i can use it back. Can anyone help to solve my problem?
  5. slpage

    slpage Member

    Very basic question, but how do i answer a call? I tried sliding the green icon but it takes several tries.
  6. BrownMasterV

    BrownMasterV Member

    Question about battery life. When I bought the phone new, the battery was at about 40%. I drained it completely before charging it. Will it have permanently reduced battery life because of this?

    My current battery is 14% with

    17h 15m 53s on battery
    4h 4m 49s screen

    Is this normal or is my battery life bad?
  7. DroID RaGE

    DroID RaGE Well-Known Member

    I tried to read up on this phone as much as possible before I received it from Verizon. I could sware that I saw a video on how to change the 4x4 grid of icons on the home screens. For example - add an additional column or row. I have searched the settings and cant seem to find anything resembling this function. Does anyone know if this is possible, it seems like there is alot of wasted space between the icons.
  8. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    It definitely it with an alternative launcher. Just be sure the alternative does everything you need it to.
  9. scooz16

    scooz16 Well-Known Member

    First time getting a new smart phone...

    So once i sign into my google account all my apps from the play store will automatically redownload?

    Same with apps from the amazon app store?
  10. coronaride

    coronaride New Member

    I just got my new SIII and I love it, but upon swapping out my SIM card, I realized that my data plan is still tied to my iPhone. All my texts are still going there. When I try to access internet resources when not connected to a WiFi access point, I get a "no connection" message in all applications. What did I miss?
  11. ssmiffy14

    ssmiffy14 Member

    hi I've downloaded Hotmail and Messenger For You and they both work while I'm at home via our wifi, but when at work where there is no wifi neither will work!; both would work on my previous Andriod phone while I was at work. I get a message saying something about an SSL certificate when I try and access Hotmail and Messenger will just not connect. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both apps a couple of times....any ideas???
  12. DroID RaGE

    DroID RaGE Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to turn off mobile web pages in the stock browser?
  13. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Well-Known Member

    Download ICS browser from the market. You can achieve this and there are more options in this browser under its settings.
    Edit: not quite answering your question but giving you an option. Sorry
  14. Ron H

    Ron H Well-Known Member

    I thought so too, but neither downloaded automatically. In both stores, they were there ready to download (even the paid apps).

    Actually, it was good because there were a number of apps on the old phone that I didn't want to download to the new one.
  15. svensett

    svensett Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if there is a setting somewhere to make the screen capture images as JPGs instead of PNG files? I haven't been able to find anything in system or camera settings to change this.
  16. jnf_goonie

    jnf_goonie Member

    Hey peeps! Is there any way I can uninstall stock apps on my Galaxy S3? I have not yet rooted the device and I don't plan on doing so because I don't want to void my warranty. So, any tips?
  17. scooz16

    scooz16 Well-Known Member

    yeah I'm kind of happy about it also.

    My amazon apps list came up perfectly and I was able to redownload my useful ones.
  18. bennybbc

    bennybbc Well-Known Member

    How do I disable the constant email (Gmail) notifications I'm getting in the notification bar? I've already gone into...Settings>Accounts and sync>Email>Settings>Gmail>Email notifications and unclicked that box. It says, "Notify in status bar when email arrives". I haven't seen any other place to disable this annoying feature and I've searched through the various settings options a lot. Thanks.

  19. DroID RaGE

    DroID RaGE Well-Known Member

    So I figured I would try this. Downloaded ICS Browser +. Dont see a setting to be able to turn off mobile web sites. Dont think Im missing it? But - Thanks again for your help ...

    edit - nvm got it !!
  20. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Well-Known Member

    Cool! Yeah I use both browsers. ICS+ for full websites and the stock browser for mobile sites. But with this phone the load times are pretty much the same speed between mobile and full site view.
  21. bennybbc

    bennybbc Well-Known Member

    Nevermind, fixed it. I had to go in through the Gmail app to disable it. I was going in through the Email app and accessing Gmail from there and disabling it. Not the same, I guess. Anyway, thanks for all of the helpful replies!...Oh wait, there weren't any.:rolleyes:;)

  22. cordogg

    cordogg Member

    a buddy that works next to me got his phone and today we have been looking at it. i noticed he has the app "tiny flashlight+led" installed on his S3. i have the same app installed on my S1 and planned on getting it on my S3 (when it arrives). i have a toggle widget on my home screen to turn it on instantly. when i was looking at his widgets section of the app drawer i did not notice the widget that i am using. my question is, when you download an app do all the available widgets for that app automatically show up in the widgets section? and if so why does the app not have the same widgets?
  23. diirk

    diirk Well-Known Member

    The stock flashlight widget is called Assistive Light.
  24. jnf_goonie

    jnf_goonie Member

    nobody is replying :(
  25. diirk

    diirk Well-Known Member

    Some. Go to Settings > Application Manager > All (or running)

    Select the app and select disable.
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