Geniatech ATV2000 Digital audio 5.1??

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  1. mamejay

    mamejay New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Long time reader and first time poster.
    Finally got my hands on a ATV2000 box which I am pretty happy with.

    I have updated it to the latest ICS from the Geniatech and have everything working.
    I am streaming audio from my Windows PC using ES File Explorer and MX Player.
    This is working fine for all files I have thrown at it but one thing I noticed is that it is only piping out stereo audio and not digital audio as my amp is not detecting it.
    Can the Geniatech box actually output digital audio or do I need to use a different media player software?
    I hope this has not been asked before but I did some search and could not come up with any details on this.

  2. next121

    next121 Well-Known Member

    Android OS doesn't allow Dolby audio pass-through unless modified to support it plus you must have the license to do that from Dolby Digital or they will come after you (the company making the hardware).

    As far as I know in the Geniatech OEM ICS builds the Dolby 5.1 pass-through isn't enabled. The Pivos XIOS DS which is based off Geniatech will be getting Dobly Digital and DTS 5.1 pass-through in a future firmware update for use with XBMC once the licesning has been approved.

    Maybe the generic OEM firmwares from Geniatech will reflect that.

    Maybe there is other software which can do it on Android but I've not seen any myself.
  3. mamejay

    mamejay New Member

    Thanks for the information next121. I really would have thought that someone by now would have worked out a way to do this as there are more and more Android TV boxes coming out and most decent MKV files are encoded with digital audio streams.
    Anyway my quest continues
  4. josjator

    josjator Active Member

    I have attached a pair of stereo speakers with built-in DAC via the ATV2000 coaxial output, I don't need more than 2.0. But in your case, I suggest to try a digital output from your TV to your decoder as I think the box routes RAW digital audio via HDMI. Not sure, though.

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