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  1. kgdteam

    kgdteam Member

    The firmware after leaving mygica logo, the screen stays black, and takes 3 minutes to install the system, be patient, it just makes it the first time.


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  2. kgdteam

    kgdteam Member

    Firmware Mygica 20111102 work fine, tested in atv1000 and atv2000.

  3. stasik

    stasik Well-Known Member

    i didnt know i have to wait a few minutes. but i noticed that if the hdmi cable is unplugged from the box, it starts faster, so this is how i was starting it))) another thing i noticed is that for every video u start in youtube or vevo, the quality is standard and not High quality, which is annoying, considering u get a box connected to tv via hdmi just to stream standard quality? please fix it. almost every one uses the box for HD tv and has at least 5 mb internet. Also you could install CifsManager as standard)
    the rest every thing is fine. Thanks for the support, ur work, and ur felp!:cool:
  4. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member

    I think I have bricked my unit and I am looking for any help out there. I have a GTV220 with a wand hand set. It is a Geniatech ARV 1000 unit apparently the same as the Enjoy TV. It is also the same as the neoniQ Geniatech unit. I used and tested a series of upgrades to the 2.3 Kgdtea beta version.

    I found this site and have used and trialled the udgrades published there in. I have successfully upgraded to 2.3 and back to 2.2 and to the kgdtea beta version.

    Yesterday I down loaded Mygica update and update spi 20111102 from the Mygica siteas listed in a previous post.

    Decided to write a simple "How to" for another site so I took my unit back to 2.2 with I then updated the Uboot and Recovery with

    I made an error and updated with the Mygica download instead of

    The update took and reboots but only with the section showing the warnings about turning off the unit or removing the SD card and there nothing else except an Upgrading message along the bottom. There is no sign that the SD card is or is not being read nor is there any error messages.

    Whatever I try, reset button, pulling plug, turning of etc. it simply returns to this screen and stays there with no activity. Any suggestions?

    BTW I found the pushing Ctrl/Alt/Del remote keys does a hot reboot.
  5. kgdteam

    kgdteam Member

    In youtube and VEVO, F1 configuration, View all videos with max resolution HD.

    Always view all video in HD, if is available.

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  6. gboijhpok

    gboijhpok Well-Known Member

    About videos on Youtube can't be played properly, please try flash 11 and to see what happens
  7. gboijhpok

    gboijhpok Well-Known Member

    It is better to backup flash 10.2 with some tool in system first, such as Appcontrol.
  8. gboijhpok

    gboijhpok Well-Known Member

    If you want to degrade to android 2.2, here is steps I confirmed:

    1.Update SPI whichsupports degraded from 2.3 to 2.2, update_spi_all_2.2.img file, change the file name to update.img, copy to SD card and plug into thebox.

    2.Go to setting->about device->update system to update.
    3.After finished, update SPI for 2.2(0907 version), .
    4.Copy the 2.2 SPI file to SD card, and change the name to update.img, press the button on the side of the box, andplug in power adapter at them same time, hold seconds, you will see updatefailed screen, then plug into SD card and use remote control to choose updateapply->SD card->update.img. after finished, it will go to updatefailed screen again, and change the firmware name to from the followinglink for android2.2, other 2.2 firmware version also is ok.
    the same update steps as SPI. After finished, it will stop at upgradingscreen, press enter or ok button to choose the first option" reboot systemnow"
    7.Go to setting->about device to check firmware version.[FONT=&quot][/FONT]​

    Uboot version is 20110906, recovery number is 20110907, build number is your firmware version.

    If you want to upgrade to 2.3 again, just update 20111102 SPI and firmware again.
  9. sku||

    sku|| Well-Known Member

    I changed the file name to update.img but my ATV1000 doesn't find any update package ..?? what can i do now .. i want to update FW :((
  10. Yocee

    Yocee Well-Known Member

    how can i root this firmware (2.3.4)
  11. Starlone

    Starlone New Member

    Interested in getting a ATV1000. I have read its manual, but still a few questions are unanswered. Would appreciate anyone help answer the following questions:
    1. Does it support RMVB video (not listed in manual)?
    2. Does it support portable DVD drive (to play DVD disc via the USB port)?
    3. My TV has component input only with 1080i capability. How do I set video output resolution to match that? The manual only mentions a HDMI resolution switch function which seems for HDMI ouput only.

    Thanks a lot.
  12. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member

    gboijhpok thanks for your reply, but unfortuneately my unit refuses to boot any further than to show a message along the bottom that says "Updating" and with the warning box on the right hand side showing 3 warnings about not turning it of, removing SD card etc.

    The message area in the upper left is blank and the message area in the lower left is blank.

    The screen is permanently stuck at this point of the boot cycle.

    Any other suggestions would be welcome.
  13. szemo77

    szemo77 Well-Known Member

  14. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member

    I have a GTV 220 which I believe is the same as the Geniatech ATV 1000.

    I found that my unit was already rooted and yours may be also.

    Download the application RootCheck and run to confirm your unit's root status. This apk does NOT root your unit.

    If it is rooted, then you can access a large range of apk's that require root access such as Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, etc.
  15. Yocee

    Yocee Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys!

    my device is alredy rooted.

    My problem is still the gps. I paired with bluetooth gps device. Installed some gps helper app (Bluetooth gps provider, gps mouse), and in this apps the gps signal is ok, a seen 5-6 satelite, position, acurracy, everything. But Navigation programs (google maps, navigon, sygic) didnt find the gps signal.
    Missing from the settings menu, the Location and security point, but from the sygic, or the gps provider is call this point, but in this menu only has a point to wifi positioning,PIN number, screen lock, but nothing from gps.
    My frend told my, good app: quick settings. It s very good, has a switch to force on gps, but nothing happend, navigation apps dont see the gps receiver. :(
  16. Dual_HD

    Dual_HD Well-Known Member

    Hi, does anybody test flash 11.0 on ATV1000? so far my testing is good enough on Youtube 2.2.16. Good.
  17. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member

    Streaming Video from PC and networked Media Players to TV Box

    I use a GTV 220 TV box probably a re-badged ATV 1000, but the method should work with any Android TV box.

    I have my PC with HDTV dongle networked to a Dvico Tvix 6600 and Noontech V9-T media players both with dual HDTV tuners.
    The V9-T stores recorded video at a TS (Transport Stream) file in the MPEG-2 video format and the Tvix uses a similar TP file.

    Some video players cannot play these files natively so you need to find one that does.

    You will need the following Apks (download from the Android Market):
    ES File Explorer
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  18. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member

    Streaming Video and/or Live TV to Android Box from your PC HDTV tuner.

    I have a GTV220, probably a re-badged ATV1000, connected wirelessly to my network and the methods should work for any TV box.

    I have a Dvico Tvix 6600 and Noontech V9-T media players both with twin HDTV tuners connected to my network and a PC with a HDTV dongle.

    This method of streaming of live TV could be limited because I also have a DLNA server, Nero Home Media 4, installed on my PC and have that set up to stream live TV over the network.

    If you want to access folders on your PC you need to ensure they are shared.

    Android Apks you will need for your TV Box are:

    Skifta – a DLNA Live TV

    Stream Media Player – to play difficult video such as ts (transport stream file format as recorded by the media players when recording live TV) – Note that there are two Stream Media Players available, use the one that shows the movie camera icon.

    You must have your TV box connected wirelessly for Skifta to work.

    Open Skifta and wait until it updates itself.

    Using the Nero Media 4 as the example:

    Choose your media source as Nero MediaHome 4

    Choose your player as the Shifta player

    Choose Browse and play media

    Select TV channels (you can also stream video/audio from other shared folders on your PC)

    Select and play your TV Channel with your media player – I use Stream Media Player

    Enjoy your live TV
  19. Sculptor

    Sculptor New Member

    Hi All.
    I have just registered on this forum as I am thinking of buying an ATV2000
    from Asiapads.
    Can anyone please update me on the current state of device as regards to iview and SBS (catchup uptv ) and Android market. Is it easy to get the thing working from new or are there many updates to install etc.
  20. HT1

    HT1 Member

    Catchup tv does not work. I have my doubts that it ever will on this unit.
  21. ATV2000

    ATV2000 Member

    I ordered ATV200 from Asiapads and it's on the way Melbourne. I don't think this device is what I'm looking for. You can have it for 185.00 un-opened. Pickup from Docklands. What I'm going to buy is a Pandaboard (ARM development board)
  22. stasik

    stasik Well-Known Member

    if some one wants to test any particular video formats, please upload them somewhere and i will test them.

    someone asked if its hard to update, if u gonna use the device as media player, u dont need to update, it will work fine. update is easy and take a few steps if u decide to
  23. Sculptor

    Sculptor New Member

    Thanks but no thanks I shall wait a while and see what develops over next few weeks , maybe geniatech will come up with solution.
  24. Yocee

    Yocee Well-Known Member

    Please someone try the Bluetooth gps function in 2.2 android!
  25. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

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