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  1. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member

    The apk Root Check reports that update_1228 is rooted and therefore did not unroot the ATV1000

  2. sku||

    sku|| Well-Known Member

    what ?? I had unrooted it already .... :confused: :( let's have a Factory Reset :(
  3. Fezinio

    Fezinio Member

    Hi all,

    I got myself a ATV1000 a few days ago and I have mixed feelings.

    Although I can see lots of potential I am also a little disappointed. I was expecting to be able to plug in and be able to watch TV, stream media etc but what I got was a 2.2 box with spi 20110613 and wasn't able to do much with it.

    However with your help I am now at 20111102 and 2.3.4. Thanks or all the tips and advice within this thread.

    Still a little disappointed but hoping updates will improve the box in due course.

    Does anyone else stream live games? I have managed to get a number of flash games going although I can't remove the advertising popup from in front of the stream. Very annoying, any thoughts?


  4. mrdctau

    mrdctau New Member

    Another little issue that I'm having on my ATV1000 running 2.3.4 (build 20111102) is in relation to Flash 10.2. I'm a keen bridge player and many top level competitions are broadcast live on the internet at through a Flash client. On Saturday morning I sat back on the couch settling in to watch the Camrose Trophy from England but after barely 10 minutes the screen went white with "play" icon in the middle of the screen leading me to believe that without any mouse/remote input for 10 minutes, the version of Flash running on the ATV1000 somehow times out and stops running the Flash content (which included streaming audio commentary and a graphical representation of the cards being played). Does anyone have any ideas as to how this can be overcome?
  5. niking

    niking Member

    did you tried the firmware? I don't know if the player player is up to date in this firmware. Will try later.
  6. graham688

    graham688 Member

    I'm running the 20111228 firmware but still having problems with both ITV player & BBC iplayer - has anyone got these working and if so how? Any advice appreciated.
  7. sku||

    sku|| Well-Known Member

    What are they ?? I don't know what they are ??
  8. leesnr

    leesnr New Member

    I've got exactly the same problem - updated to flash 11 to see if this cures it - it plays - but at a ridiculously low frame rate - youtube is fine with flash 11.
  9. sku||

    sku|| Well-Known Member

    the flash 10.2 (Built in 1228 ) is a special flash player .. Don't replace or unistall it ..
  10. graham688

    graham688 Member

    What are they ?? I don't know what they are ??
    they give you access to bbc & itv programmes from the past week or so and use the latest version of flash - the 10.2 bulit into 1228 does not seem to be compatible
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  11. wizard5

    wizard5 Member

    i can watch bbc iplayer live with 10.2 and 20111228 firmware but not catchup. itvplayer plays but with a very low framerate
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  12. leesnr

    leesnr New Member

    What makes it special?
  13. stasik

    stasik Well-Known Member

    its special coz it is tuned/optimised by Geniatech team to use all the resources available in the box, the same as default video player is the best for movie-playback.

    p.s. market informed me that a new version of flash is available, tried to update, but it failed. so there is no way to update the flash from 10 to 11. the only way is to un-install 10 and install 11.
  14. igna

    igna Member

    Hi I can't select option 3.apply from the menu when trying to upgrade to 2.3 - it seems like the remote control is not connected to the ATV... has anybody had the same problem?
  15. stasik

    stasik Well-Known Member

    yep, many had this issue, but as mentioned somewhere in the forum, use a usb keyboard
  16. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member

    I am trying to manually recover my bricked ATV 1000 but I am having problems. I have been following the instructions above and from kgdteam site.

    I have a USB to ttl adapter connected up and I am using ttermpro.

    When I plug in the power to the ATV 1000 I get a list of information that is very similar to those in the above manual or the kgdteam site. As these relate to the ATV 300, a difference is expected.

    But I cannot get it to stop were it says “Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0”

    It always goes past it and starts to load from Nand and the “Hit any key to stop autoboot:” has 1 0 0 after it if it stops there and does not continue on.

    Is it simply a matter of speed and luck or it there a trick to it or do I just keep pushing the PC enter button and hope it stops.

    Further my display never shows “STV #” as shown in the screen prints in the manuals.

    When I get it to stop or it continues to completion and I enter the commands and push enter, I do not get back any responses (I have “local echo” set and I can see what I type in). I am not sure if the command has been sent or not.

    I am not sure if my terminal settings are correct or whether I need handshaking, flow control, or what.

    I do not appear to be sending or the ATV 1000 seems to busy sending and not receiving.

    Any guidance would be most appreciated.
  17. cupi1234

    cupi1234 Active Member

    Just put the sdcard with update in the slot when the unit is powered then go to SETTINGS--PRIVACY and press the UPDATE BOX button.
    After that the unit goes in recovery and automatically update the box.
    You don't need the remote control nor an USB keyboard.
  18. niking

    niking Member

    You can simply use a USB mouse to operate it.
  19. gboijhpok

    gboijhpok Well-Known Member

    No, connect the box to a pc by RS232 is only for debugging.
  20. faoit

    faoit Active Member

    Hi guys,
    Did someone experience with Skype and the ATV1000?
    Which webcam can be connected or you have connected?
    I heared that the Xbox 360 webcam works fine, is it true?

  21. sku||

    sku|| Well-Known Member

    If u're using the fw ver-2.3.4 , u will be able to use webcam or microphone ... .. I think so :D
  22. faoit

    faoit Active Member

    Ok, but I need to know need a model that works ...
  23. Andappuser

    Andappuser Member

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  24. Fezinio

    Fezinio Member

    How come everytime I click the right mouse button it goes back a page? so annoying.

    anyone how you can right click and bring up properties etc like you do in windows?
  25. Andappuser

    Andappuser Member

    Have you check your keyboard setting?

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