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  1. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    Hi all, in these days, I'm doing some trials on my ATV1000 regarding Youtube.
    I've found results, really interesting, that I would like to share with you.

    The first is that: we can always watch youtube videos (on mobile devices) even without flash player installed (because, in, videos are not in flash but in RTSP/3GP with H263/AMR) and so there is no reason to link video problems on youtube, that some ATV1000 devices have, to flash player.

    We must consider that, on an android device, we need to install flash player, only for flash content on web pages or, if we want to enter youtube, or similar sites (with browser set as desktop), but in this case, videos will be unwatchable, because we will be trying to watch heavy, not optimized, flash videos on a device build with 800Mhz CPU and 512Mb RAM.

    The second is that: we can have an higher video resolution (similar to MKV) on hd videos from youtube, if we set browser as: Ipad (but we need more bandwidth, if not, we can have problems with buffering).

    Here is the link to video: Youtube Mobile and Flash Player - YouTube

    In the first part, I uninstall flash player and I show that videos on are played the same, also without it.
    In the second part, I change browser setting from: android ---> ipad, and I show the improvement to the video after this change (even if, really, it can't be appreciated a lot, for low quality of my filming).

  2. Bugfinder

    Bugfinder Member

    Interesting testing. When I have some free time, will do that myself too. For now, I contribute with this reply I got from Judy, of Geniatech support:

  3. HT1

    HT1 Member

    Yet my FV-1 plays flash video fine and the Geniatech is meant to have a better processor.
  4. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    When you will do these trials, let me know your results
  5. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    Just a curiosity...when you watch videos, do you enter: or
    (browser set as: desktop or android?)
    Because there is a great difference between them.
    In, videos are in flash, and devices as ATV1000 or FV-1
    have great difficulties to play them; instead, in
    (youtube for mobile devices), videos are not in flash but in RTSP/3GP
    (format created for mobile devices as our ATV or FV-1), and are played smoothly.
    Did you watch my last video?
    There, I show that my ATV1000 plays videos from youtube, also without flash, because really,
    (setting browser as: android or ipad) I enter in, where videos are not in flash.
    I invite you to do this trial: using your PC, you must enter in, and try
    to play a will be impossible, because, those videos are not in flash, but optimized for mobile.
    Let me know...
  6. szemo77

    szemo77 Well-Known Member

  7. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    Hi sznemo77, I've never used Chainfire3D and, as I seem to understand, it gives improvement to graphic, inside games.
    Really, I'm not a lot interested to games, so I ask you, if the installation of this app can give other advantages and improved performances to our device.
  8. next121

    next121 Well-Known Member

    Flash videos appear to play fine for me on my ATV2000, plays HD clips on without any issues as one example.

    Flash banners are rendered by the CPU and they will cause slow downs but the Flash video element hands off to hardware acceleration were present which the Amlogic chipset is more than capable of handling.

    Could be bugs were the Flash hardware acceleration is failing to be invoked by the driver or something along those lines.

    gio965 I don't think you will see any improvements unless playing games or using the dynamic backgrounds with Chainfire3D, for an overall OS improvement Cyanogenmod would have to be ported by Geniatech which is meant to run faster than stock Android.
  9. Punkored

    Punkored Well-Known Member


    I apologize for my bad English, I am using the google translator.

    Not Only I have a TV which would be equivalent to ATV1000 (identical on the outside and inside).

    I have this firmware 1108 which is a customized version pra Not Only TV, but the only customization is seen in the bot start when displaying your logo.

    Although set date November 08, really is 06 months and therefore no improvements I have noticed in the 0909 version.

    This 0909 version is very good because as I've noticed changes the cursor is hidden after a few seconds, the program results AnTuTu.apk 250 points up some more, more fluent in everything and even flash videos from web fluid can be seen.

    The downside of this is precisely the Flash version is rome when switching to another web video and can not gain more than 720p (HD and FullHD).

    I do not know if you understood, but with the web of reproduction I mean a small window video posted on this website such as the previous videos.

    If I go to youtube and view the video big, everything is great and works well.

    Online channels (Live TV), also work well but the same thing happens, the screen goes black if I change the video source (look for another page and another video vision).

    He returned to his original version, which if you can put in full HD from the settings menu.

    But this version has the problem that the videos from the web will be jerks and play and forget about online tv because it is the same (although improving something).

    At the end of the month and tell me they will be android version 2.3 which are tested.

    According to Spain could be supported even before my disposal.

    I think if version 2.3 has improved its kernel version update_0909 and solve also the problem of Flash, but what is all an optimization of 2.3 versus 2.2, we certainly have a good product.

    Note that 2.3 increases the power phones for example, up to 25 percent, which will note the change for the better with version 2.3

    Well hello to everyone and if I remember something more qu meant, so I will comment.
  10. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    Hi next121, thanks for your clear answer, regarding Chainfire3D.
    I'm happy that, with your device, you have no problem to watch videos from Youtube or

    I tried to play videos from and (in my opinion), also in this case, we don't watch flash videos but optimized videos for mobile (you must consider, that we have the same hardware of cellulars).

    I made this trial: I uninstalled flash player and (with browser set as: ipad or android), I was able to watch, the same, those videos (but their extensions were: .mp4 and not: .flv).

    Instead, with flash player installed and browser set as: desktop, I was not able to play them correctly and (with my ATV1000) they resulted jerky (their extensions, in this case, were in flash - .flv).

    This is my, if you may repeat these trials (I don't know if you have a firmware, with flash player inbuilt or not), then you will make me know.
    (Have you made those trials that I suggested for youtube videos?)
  11. Punkored

    Punkored Well-Known Member

    Hello again.

    Geniatech official information (this could solve a problem like the guy had the east of Australia).

    Changed log:

    1. Recovery mode(update screen) only display English characters, delete Chinese characters.

    2. Add a function to detect hardware version automatically, it will install corresponding firmware when you update next time.


    Download 20110907 SPI file from here:

    After downloading, you will see four files within it: for ATV300 and ATV1000 256MB for ATV1000 512MB for ATV1000 V2.2 512(you can find V2.2 512 information on the back of the box, if not, use above 256 or 512 SPI)

    version.txt New Uboot version and recovery version.

    If you are using ATV300 or ATV1000 with 256MB, change name to, don
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  12. niking

    niking Member

    Hi folks, it's great to find this forum. I'm one of the retailer of this atv300 and atv1000. I have found many useful information here. I'm curious if any one of you guys are willing to help me to write a full review on this android tv. And I'm also planning to collect some useful apk and contributions for this android tv, you guys have any idea?
  13. szemo77

    szemo77 Well-Known Member

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  14. Zadgrub

    Zadgrub New Member

    does this player support update for flash player 11?...anyway now with the release of android 4.0, maybe this will be available for this player. Any news? ...i`m looking forward to buy this player.
  15. jambora

    jambora Member


    This upgrade good atv-1000?
  16. jambora

    jambora Member
  17. Punkored

    Punkored Well-Known Member


    404 - File or directory not found.

    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
  18. jambora

    jambora Member

  19. jambora

    jambora Member

    not fake!
  20. szemo77

    szemo77 Well-Known Member

    For me url works. I will test it for 4 hours, as soon as I return to home from work.
  21. jambora

    jambora Member

    Anybody test it 2011.10.10 update on Atv-1000?
  22. jambora

    jambora Member

    ok ,share our experience.
  23. jambora

    jambora Member

    I am interested in the Hungarian language, is built?
  24. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

  25. szemo77

    szemo77 Well-Known Member

    Have you last Uboot update for ATV500/1000?

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