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Geniatech Enjoy TV

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  1. Yocee

    Yocee Well-Known Member

    I have a lot of idea. When you find the wifi signal too low, replace the antenna connector to rfma connector, and attach the bigger antenna.
    Sadly my broadcom bt dongle not working. The Bt is very important for me...
    What is the button the bottom of the ATV and what is in panel? And the 4 pin connector on the panel?

  2. szemo77

    szemo77 Well-Known Member

    It's reset button and a TTL RS232 interface for terminal debugging. Its only way to unbrick your box if you flash wrong firmware version. You need only connect to GD, TX and RX pin and ofc power on box.

    Between SD card slot and internal USB connector on pcba there is a square space, I think its for the SIM card slot like that:

    It is very interesting because we can prepare mod for support 3G.
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  3. Yocee

    Yocee Well-Known Member

    okay, but to the 3g nrrd a rf chip, and imei number, and lot of other stuff. much easier to use a USB 3G modem. this week I'll get one.
  4. stasik

    stasik Well-Known Member

    how to downgrade a firmware version?? i installed update20111010_Kgdtea_beta1.zip but want to replace with update20110909.zip. when i select it from sd, it reboots but nothing happens. or is it any way to get rid of the chinese letters every time i start typing in update20111010_Kgdtea_beta1.zip? and the buttons are all messed now.
    anyone have the stable firmware version for atv2000?

    had no luck to play NAS videos, not even with eminem player. with update20111010_Kgdtea_beta1.zip the flash playes fine, but not all HD videos. all youtube.com address is converted to m.youtube.com, no option to sellect desjtop or android or ipad.
  5. Dual_HD

    Dual_HD Well-Known Member

    I am thinking about BT is not that important, for the wireless mouse and keyboard already did most things that BT need to do. What else you want from BT?
  6. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    This beta release gives various problems (also in web browsing), so at this moment I suggest to wait for a next stable version.
    If I try to come back to 20110804 release, after installation, android goes always in error (process.acore) and so I ask: what can I do to resolve and return to the earlier version?
  7. Dual_HD

    Dual_HD Well-Known Member

  8. Yocee

    Yocee Well-Known Member

    I think, is important :D
    Important to connect gps receiver, and a OBDII reader, to use this ATV in my car, for car pc.
  9. Yocee

    Yocee Well-Known Member


    I dont have an answer to you. But please tell me, whet is the app for receiving DVB-T tv signal? And you dont want make a picture from motherboard?

  10. kgdteam

    kgdteam Member

    See pictures, the TTL to RS232 para ATVXXXX, work fine

    KGDTeam • Ver Tema - Fotos placa base Mygica Geniatech

  11. Punkored

    Punkored Well-Known Member

    Grabs the SD, put it into a reader on the PC, copy the update you want to install, stick sd at ATV, hit the back button while pressing the power button, the machine does the rest.

    Of course, you could climb that you have your 20110804 version?.
  12. Dual_HD

    Dual_HD Well-Known Member

    Better add ZTE as well .
  13. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Punkored, in the meantime I resolved...pratically, my device crashed because, before downgrade,
    I didn't make factory data reset (even if in other circumstances, I have had never problems)... now it's ok!!!
  14. stasik

    stasik Well-Known Member

    i dont remember what soft is pre-installed to be used for DVB-T as i upgraded the firmware strait away, but as from video, i think it was HiDTV or something similar. If some one find out where to get it, let me know, i might try it.

    using the back black button, i was able to downgrade the firmware.

    my quest in playing video over NAS continues. still no luck. did someone tried this? any success?? is this so fu*king impossible?
  15. stasik

    stasik Well-Known Member

    anyways, on the bright side, i connected via usb my external HDD and wanted to test the best video i have. i have 1080p with lots of kb/s, around 15000 kb/s (audio + video) or more. the movie is 20 gb in size, mkv (h264 + dts). to my surprised, the only player that played the file was the default one. the rest (rockplayer, vplayer, diceplayer) give errors or could not play. but the default one played no problem. superb quality, quick search, video and audio in sync. all in all, its a very good media player.
    there are issues with web browser and other pieces, but i am really happy with the media support, as this is the main purpose for me. and because its constantly updated, i am sure most formats will be supported.
    as nor NAS, all forums are complaining about that. so far only audio can be streamed from samba. i think it will take some time for video streaming, especially for 720/1080
  16. Yocee

    Yocee Well-Known Member

    Hi guys!

    Report of the Bluetooth works! Stuck in a mini-USB dongle that I got the OBDII reader, and was on the menu can be switched on the BT, you have found the iPhone, and the Samsung Galaxy mini as well.

  17. gboijhpok

    gboijhpok Well-Known Member

    If you want to go back to 20110909, you have to update two SPI, one is for going back to android2.2, one is for working on android2.2, attached update_spi_all_2.2.img , don't unzip and change the name to update.img then copy to SD card and update it, after finished, update SPI for android2.2, the newest SPI for 2.2 is 20110907SPI, see attached steps in SPI pdf file.

    Attached Files:

  18. gboijhpok

    gboijhpok Well-Known Member

    Hi, guys,

    Geniatech Enjoy TV box supports some 3G dongle models, I attached a picture. If you have one of 3G dongle like that, test and show us your result.

    Attached Files:

  19. josjator

    josjator Active Member


    Where is the antenna for the DVB-T in the ATV2000? Is it a dongle? In that case using the dongle in the other models would be possible?
  20. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member


    From the info above, it means this ATV300 box has internal ram 512MB and internal flash drive of 4GB?

    If so, why the spec in the advert said it has RAM only 256MB and no indication of internal flash drive size.
  21. gboijhpok

    gboijhpok Well-Known Member

    ATV300 is 256MB and 2GB flash
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  22. nath-

    nath- New Member

    Hi, everyone,

    I just register on this forum, this is a perfect forum.

    Let me answer above question:

    There is a small antenna for DVB-T dongle with ATV2000, and yes, you can connect your dvbt dongle to other models, but only for Geniatech Enjoy BOX product line I think.
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  23. josjator

    josjator Active Member

    Thanks for the info and welcome!

    Which is the dongle brand or chipset? With that information I will directly go for a ATV3000 and try to find the dongle :D
  24. Yocee

    Yocee Well-Known Member

    I plug the mini BT dongle to my win7 pc, and found this hardware:
    Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) 3.0 + High Speed Adapter
    This works fine!
  25. Yocee

    Yocee Well-Known Member

    Oh, I found an another problem. I try to connect to analog video in port, and nothing happend i connected to black, near the audio R, and Pb, and nothing. Is there any magic in software to swich on the cvbs composit tv out?

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