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Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover Video ReviewTips

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  1. Oli2k

    Oli2k Member

    Here is a Youtube review I did of the Genuine Samsung Flip Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 - Metallic Blue - EFC-1G6FBECSTD

    If you watch it on Youtube it is 1080P


    Any feedback on the review is much appreciated.

  2. I got one with the pre-order package. not using it because it kind of gets in the way with typing.
  3. robin_

    robin_ Well-Known Member

    Good review, thanks.

    It seems like it would really get in the way while using the camera.
  4. Oli2k

    Oli2k Member

    Yeah I forgot to point that out in the review. I guess it would be an issue with all flip cases though.
  5. vetrich

    vetrich Member

    Blue color flip cover looks more attractive for Blue Galaxy S 3 than White S 3.

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