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  1. NeoSpark314

    NeoSpark314 Member

    I just released my new game called Geo-Jump on the Android market. It is a simple jumping game with some unique features.
    More information can be found at MysticTri: Geo-Jump
    Any feedback is welcome.

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  2. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I like it! Any plans for sound effects?
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  3. NeoSpark314

    NeoSpark314 Member

    Thank you for your feedback. Yes, sound effects are planned for the next update. I am still trying to figure out what sounds right for the game without being annoying.
  4. Thaxis

    Thaxis Well-Known Member

    I agree sound effects and maybe a pause button would be awesome.
    Otherwise it is still a great game.
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