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    GestureControl allows you to control tablet or phone with MULTITOUCH gestures.
    Root required.
    You can execute following default gestures:

    Previous application: Swipe 4 fingers right
    Next application: Swipe 4 fingers left
    Show/Hide status bar: Swipe 3 fingers upward (ICS support is in Alfa stage)
    Back: Swipe 3 fingers downward
    Home: Pinch 4 fingers
    Launch Pad: Expand 4 fingers

    You can also create your own custom gestures and assign custom actions: LaunchPad, Start application, Home, Kill current application, Back, Forward, Recent application list, Recent application dialog, Menu, Notification Panel, Hide/Show status bar, Start launcher shorcut(bookmark, contacts, settings, etc), Start Tasker task, Pause gestures, Exit, Screen Off (lock), Previous application, Next application, Play/Pause music, Previous song, Next Song.

    If you like my application, please rate it in market. Thanks.

    Gesture Control Lite


    Direct download:
    Download - Gesture Control Lite


    USB Debugging must be enabled

    Known issues on ICS:
    - Hiding Bar gesture will remove home screen wallpaper.
    - Hiding Bar gesture will reset your wallpaper to default.

    There is no problem with Live Wallpaper. I suggest using "simple image wallpaper" from market on ICS, that will fix wallpaper disappearing (it is Live Wallpaper based still image).

  2. StupidIdea

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    - New action: Previous Application, default gesture - swipe 4 fingers left.
    - New action: Next Application, default gesture - swipe 4 fingers right.
    - New actions: Play/Pause music, Previous song, Next song.
    - Fixed: was posibble to execute 4 points gesture with 3 fingers on TF101.
    - New device: I9001 (Tab 7 Plus).
    - New device: Teclast A10.
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    - New option: Select consume multitouch event points count threshold.
    - New advanced option: Override detected multitouch device and parser
    - New option: Turn off icons display for previous/next application
    - New option: Round-robin mode for previous/next applications
    - New option: invert previous/next default gesture direction
    - Fix: some applications could not start with previous/next action
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    - Default gestures changed!!! Back - 3 fingers down; Bar - 3 fingers up.
    - New option in settings: Evaluate gestures on release.
    - Refactored default gestures. Now every gesture (where appropriate) has separate border setting. Old default gestures setting will be reset.
    - Inverted default next/prev app gesture direction.
    - Added option to invert next/previous icon order (in Default gestures tab).
    - Improved Next/previous application toast icons.
    - Optimizations.

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