Get 1.5 Without Rooting, Using UK Version

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  1. Superatim

    Superatim Member

  2. ryanyo88

    ryanyo88 New Member

    I'm doing this now. I absolutely cannot wait any longer for cupcake. It was hard enough forcing myself to wait this long, only to wake up to it being pushed back.

    Thanks for the tip!
  3. ChicagoPete

    ChicagoPete Member

    It worked for me too. I tested A2DP, auto-rotate, VK, video all works!
  4. sidkapur30

    sidkapur30 Well-Known Member

    Got it and loving it :)

    Cupcake is sweet
  5. Scholesville

    Scholesville Member

    Hi, will this work on a RC8 version?
  6. sidkapur30

    sidkapur30 Well-Known Member

    it is originally meant to work on RC8.. luckily it's working on RC 33 too :D
  7. Moxymo69

    Moxymo69 Active Member

    works great and very easy, but what happens when the update comes out next week? will wee still get it? or do we have to do some sort of update ourselves?
  8. sidkapur30

    sidkapur30 Well-Known Member

    Considering it is an official 1.5 UK update, the system will recognize you as already updated. You have two options.
    1 when the update is out, you go back to rc33 and update to the US 1.5
    2 wait for a week after the official US 1.5 update and someone will post the file for the same... just download and do what you just did!!!

  9. GeoUSA

    GeoUSA Well-Known Member

    Anyone else notice their Contacts are empty after the update to UK 1.5? I was hoping a reboot would solve, but it has not.

    I should have waited a bit longer for others to discover this potential issue... :cool:

    Factory reset did eventually restore contacts. Perhaps that takes a bit longer to sync and would have eventually appeared without intervention. Note: Before the factory reset I was seeing a "Business Contacts is Empty" message.

  10. brybam

    brybam New Member

    you're fine just wait for the sync. same thing happened to me.
  11. newsoltsc

    newsoltsc Member

    Works fine! Love it! <3!

  12. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Works great, I had to wait about 20 minutes before it automatically synced my contacts.
  13. Ryno202

    Ryno202 New Member

    working fine here.

    to get your stuff to sync right away...

    menu>settings>Data Synchronization
    uncheck/check your auto sync
    or uncheck/check individual entities at the bottom.
    worked right away for all of my stuff. No waiting

    i love the aesthetic stuff. the notification pane looks nice, the main app menu slider looks nice. and the smallest thing, is huge for me...the new 'Browser' icon. that old thing just bugged me. hah

    hope i/we have no issues with this. i've received emails fine so far. no calls or texts though have been tried.

    had a ton of apps to update. and the new 'Toggle Settings' for cupcake is trick. my 'power manager' wont work though. i didnt use that much anymore anyways. toggle has all the same stuff.

    i love the keyboard and predictive text stuff with the keyboard, but the std messaging thing is so ugly and i can barely tell the sent/received messages apart. that needs an appearance upgrade badly. im torn between chomp and std now. guess ill use std when i need to use the onscreen for some reason, and chomp the most cuz the full keyboard is fine.
  14. stomper4x4

    stomper4x4 Member

    Not sure, but it seems my chomp is using the cupcake keyboard now. After I updated chomp the keyboard changed, complete with the predictive text and all.
    So far, text, calls and emails work fine. Browser works, app store works. Camera seems speedier, with an on screen shutter trigger now which I like.

    Will test more tomorrow but so far it's been flawless.
  15. yakult

    yakult Member

    i don't know about you guys, but my UK 1.5 doesn't have IM & Amazon MP3, not even in the Market. For now, I have to use Palringo as my main IM software
  16. GeoUSA

    GeoUSA Well-Known Member

    Yes, people reported that earlier in this thread. While UK 1.5 doesn't have the multi-provider IM app we have in the USA, note that you can find Google Talk in the screen of all programs and place it on your desktop. I tried eBuddy but had some periodic crashes of that app and just pefer the simplicity of Google Talk anyway.
  17. Ryno202

    Ryno202 New Member

    yes, i didnt even try that last night, thanks.

    my 'scoreboard' app doesnt work correctly now. it works fine, but just a small hiccup somehow in the formating of stuff, it doesnt fit right and its all spaced out. oh well. few other apps are unreliable and stuff, they will all just need 1.5 updates or replacements. im diggin it though
  18. brybam

    brybam New Member

    I'd recommend using Meebo IM (since this update erases the USA standard multi IM client app) they just updated it and it's now probably my personal favorite IM tool. even better than ebuddy
  19. Superatim

    Superatim Member

    I've mirrored the link here:

    Feel free to download it from there as it should download faster.
  20. theevilone

    theevilone Active Member

    works great, mp3 go to the amazon web site download downloader on computer, once songs downloaded move them to your sd card.

    yes I am dumb, someone on another forum sent me to the site to download the amazon app. much better.
  21. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member

    I just got a system update...

    Firmware: 1.5

    Kernel version: 2.6.27-00393-g6607056 san@sandroid #1

    Build number: CRB43
  22. theevilone

    theevilone Active Member

    Got mine also today. downloaded over the UK version so now I have a US/UK phone. No google voice search but the thing never could understand what I was saying. Still have web and walk, like that.

    Now waiting for apple fritter and 3.0 for my iphone.:D
  23. jfuanito

    jfuanito New Member

    Hi, i want to know i it works on a unlock G1, im a mexican owner...


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