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  1. qwertytube

    qwertytube Member

    i have htc aria 2.1... i partition my sd card using rom manager however i got an error when i opened the link2sd and selected ext2 as shown in aditya.JPG attachment... same goes for ext3... while for FAT32/16 it shows other error as shown in aditya1.JPG... pls help me i want to run this app... one more thing when i see storage info in link2sd u could see the pic shown in aditya3.JPG

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    D33PTHAWTE Active Member

    Hi, I'm having this EXACT problem. Did you ever get it sorted? Is there a trick to mounting the ext?
    I got it working great on my Inspire 4G with hardly any problem. The ext partition mounted on its own, but on the Aria, it doesn't seem to mount.

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