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  1. Android1993

    Android1993 Well-Known Member

    I'm not responsible for any damage you cause to your device. Follow the instructions correctly and you should have little to no issues at all.

    What you will need:

    1. ES File Explorer - Amazon Market Download

    2. Installation Files - G

    3. SD Card - Any size should be alright.


    1. Factory Reset your device twice, three times to be sure you'll have a smooth installation
    2. Download G on your Computer
    3. Place G on your sd card
    4. Download and install ES File Explorer
    5. Open ES File Explorer
    6. Locate the G folder from within ES File Explorer
    7. Install the following 4 apps from within the G folder in order listed:


    8. Power off your device
    9. Power on your device (Note: If prompted with a message when powering saying "Complete Action Using" and giving you the options of "Launcher" or "Setup Wizard" check the "Use by default for this action" box and press the "Launcher" option.)
    10. Launch the Android Market app and sign in to your Google Account.

    ENJOY! :)

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  2. mvalcarc

    mvalcarc New Member

    I have had the market installed in this way since a bit after christmas, i was wondering if you know how to get the market to update
  3. DtheArtist

    DtheArtist New Member

    Do you think this will work for the upcoming Velocity Micro Cruz T507 & T510 Tablets as well?
  4. mvalcarc

    mvalcarc New Member

    I should. But then again it might not. This method was used to install the market on a coby kyros, it seems to be luck that it installed onto the t408, as I've tried nearly every gapps pack that i could.
  5. Android1993

    Android1993 Well-Known Member

    I personally don't have this tablet. This is the method that worked for my fathers T408, I just made the how-to for anyone having trouble. I've manually downloaded the latest market to my phone prior to it being released and it worked smoothly, it should be the same for your tablet. Download the 4shared app by New IT Solutions, find it in the Market. After you have it set up search "market.apk" and find the latest release you can, download and install it and if it works you're golden. I have no idea if this will mess up the market you currently have, but it's worth the try. Most you'll have to do is repeat the method to get the one you currently have back. Hope it works for you.
  6. Android1993

    Android1993 Well-Known Member

    This method was originally made for the Coby Kyros but to my surprise it worked on the T408. This method should work with most devices, but that's just my guess. Would be nice if more people would try this method on different tablets so we can confirm it's universal and save people headaches and time.
  7. d@rk

    d@rk New Member

    this worked for my GFs T301.. thanks android1993
  8. Cl8rs

    Cl8rs Well-Known Member

    Didn't work on my Velocity Cruz PS47 Tablet :( Anyone help?
  9. extrapolate

    extrapolate New Member

    Worked fine with my T410. I already had Astro file manager installed so skipped downloading that, just hooked the tablet to my PC transfered over the G
    to my sd card, navigated there with the Astro file manager extracted the files..navigated to the G Tablet directory which was created after the extraction, navigated to the app directory where I found the four apk files that are to be installed, I installed all four, did not open that last one as directed, powered off, powered on. Did get the prompt "Complete Action Using"..and I checked "Use by default" and "Launcher" and that was it..found the market app lauched it.. I already had a google lauched the market and i downloded a game and it worked fine...I'm not sure how out of date the market is but I'll tackle that next..

    Just wanted to thank the original poster for the help..great community here!

  10. extrapolate

    extrapolate New Member

    So does anyone know how to update the market?
  11. android199410

    android199410 New Member

    do any one know how to update the market
  12. matt88si

    matt88si Well-Known Member

    It would be extremely helpful if someone would explain how to get the market app to update. According to another OP's method of rooting, their Market automatically updated. Ive tried redoing the whole process and even attempted to install the updates manually. No luck on a successful attempt just yet.
  13. BamaPanda

    BamaPanda Member

    Hi all ..
    I am glad I found this thread it is the only thing I have found that has allowed me to get market installed on my friend's Cruz T301.

    YET ..
    There are very few apps that I am able to view from the tablet ..and so far I have been unable to install any of those (have not tried the expensive ones).

    Nothing free comes up.

    And when I go to the Market on my PC, the Cruz shows above my other tablets as a phone with a ?, but says "This item is not compatible with your device" when I hover there over the ?.

    Anyone have an idea what might set me free. It is all there, but Market does not seem to be recognising the Cruz properly.

    Thanks for getting me this far.

    I have been able to download a coupe of things, but not the more popular free apps like Angry Birds Rio. This must be the older Market or something another has said be able to update would be kewl.
    I tried to manually install the latest Play Market would not install.

    I will keep working at it.

  14. avguy19

    avguy19 New Member

    Check this sight. It works and updates the market to Google play. It may take a few days for it to fully update to google play. watch the entire video and pay attention to setting permissions for the updated market. Rooting - Cruz T408 Hacks
  15. BamaPanda

    BamaPanda Member

    Thanks for the reply, but so far cigar! :(

    Gingerbreak, from all I can see for 2.3. So far ...2.2 is the most I can get on the T301.

    If I am missing something, please let me know.
  16. avguy19

    avguy19 New Member

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