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Get Cell ID information

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  1. xikky

    xikky Member

    Is It possible to gather cell IDs from another source such as google Earth for example?

    I wish I can gather all cell IDs for a given area on a map. Is this possible?

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Suppose it depends if cell IDs and locations are available, and whether that data can be scraped and used for a map, or if it's even legal or not.

    In the United Kingdom, OFCOM publishes a Google Map with all UK cell locations, including carriers, IDs, types, output powers etc.
    Sitefinder Mobile Phone Base Station Database
    This data is probably Crown Copyright, and most likely can't legally be used for other purposes, like an app or something.
  3. xikky

    xikky Member

    The website only provides details about mobile phones base station database and not every cell ID for that station.
    I would like to find cell IDs for my country Malta instead.

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