Get rid of the green!!!!!

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  1. Computerguru01

    Computerguru01 Well-Known Member

    I recently bought the Droid incredible and I love the phone. It's the perfect phone for me, however I have come to hate the green that is everwhere. It's on almost every spot where u can click or type. Any suggestions on how to change the color would be much appreciated.

  2. coolbone

    coolbone Well-Known Member

    You ever seen a blue android? ;-) That's right...I didn't think so hehe.

    On a separate note, I actually tried to make mine as green as possible. Favorite color afterall! :D
  3. Computerguru01

    Computerguru01 Well-Known Member

    Well surely someone out there is talented enough that it could be any color we want
  4. Winters37

    Winters37 Well-Known Member

    im not a fan of the red that comes on the backflip.
    so far ive learned this:

    stock = orange/yellow
    sense = green
    motoblur = red
  5. thegreen

    thegreen Well-Known Member

    Whew! When I saw this thread, I was afraid that y'all wanted to ban me. Guess I don't need to take it personally...

    I'll be good, I promise!:D
  6. Computerguru01

    Computerguru01 Well-Known Member

    Lol that is too funny I didn't even think about someone with the name THE GREEN

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