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  1. oxfordmark

    oxfordmark Well-Known Member

    To get the update, set the calendar to July, minutes later the update appears!

    I just happened to try it earlier and minutes later the update box come up, i can confirm someone tried it after me and it worked.

    Let me know please

  2. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    I got an error and the update didn't apply. Got the yellow triangle. The work-around when this happens is to re-flash and then the update works fine. No problems so far. It seems even more stable so I reckon they have fixed some bugs as well.

    Roll on part 2.1 :D
  3. Artaq

    Artaq Active Member

    I have also had the triangle of doom.
    To be honest I have waited this long and to have my data wiped and replaced twice in as many weeks, does not seem worth it to me.
  4. oxfordmark

    oxfordmark Well-Known Member

    Luckily i didnt lose any data.
  5. AstroDonut

    AstroDonut Well-Known Member

    No issues at all with my pre-update :)
  6. emhaslam

    emhaslam Member

    am i going to lose the data on my phone if i do this?!?
  7. AstroDonut

    AstroDonut Well-Known Member

    I've not lost anything on this pre-update, the big one at the end of the month might be a different story...

    Simple answer though... BACK UP YOUR DATA BEFOREHAND!!
  8. Hammers

    Hammers Member

    I tried doing this change of setting in the calendar and waited for about an hour..... but nothing happened! I just went into the time and date settings and set to 1st July.

    Am i doing something wrong?? :confused:
  9. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    Probably not. I had to reflash to get my update to work.
  10. chipist

    chipist Member

    I have a G2 through t-mobile Germany (where I live). I have never had an OTA update since I got the phone in November. It was stuck on version 1.74.xx.xx. (1.5) I flashed a newer version from the t-mobile Germany website early this morning, version (still 1.5)

    This is still an older version, and from reading various posts etc. it looks like most G2's have had OTA updates after So the question is will I get the pre-2.1 OTA update from Or do I need to reflash with another version, and if so where do I get this newer version from?

    I have tried pushing the date to july 2010 with version, and also with the older version, but no sign of any OTA update.
  11. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    You might need to re-flash - with the same ROM - it fixes whatever issue is stopping the update. A factory reset will pull in the update. A factory reset on its own does nox the yellow triangle issue if it happens which is why a re-flash might be needed.
  12. chipist

    chipist Member


    It seems that there are two ROMS available, one on the t-mobile site and the other from the htc site. I have downloaded both, and did a DOS fc /B (file compare, binary), at it seems they are different. Did not have a tool to do a checksum check, but assume the fc was correct...

    So, to recap, THIS IS T-MOBILE GERMANY!

    1) Had original 1.76.x.x ROM, no sign of an update
    2) Moved the date forward, nothing.
    3) Did a factory reset, nothing
    4) Moved date forwards, nothing
    5) Flashed ROM from site, nothing
    6) Moved date forwards, nothing
    7) Did a factory reset, nothing
    8) Moved date forwards, nothing
    9) Flashed ROM from HTC site, nothing
    10) Moved date forwards, nothing
    11) Did a factory reset, nothing
    12) Moved date forwards, nothing

    So, it looks like t-mobile Germany do not even have the OTA pre-2.1 update available yet. But from reading other posts, it looks like I have the correct ROM ready for the update without any yellow triangle stuff. We shall see.
  13. rizgud

    rizgud Member

    I have same error for last many weeks everytime i get update try to install and phone held with a yellow triabgle any solution please ???
  14. shotgunfool

    shotgunfool Well-Known Member

    Root + custom 2.1 Firmware ;)
  15. rizgud

    rizgud Member

    thanks for your reply but i do not know how to do all this ?

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