Get the LTEvo or wait for M7?

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  1. esoterikappeal

    esoterikappeal New Member

    Hey guys, first time posting but I want to say thanks all around to anyone that posts on the OG Evo forum. You have been very helpful to me in getting the most out of a device that I love.

    However, it is time to upgrade and I have been eyeing the LTEvo for close to a year now. And therein lies the problem: MWC is nearly here and the rumored HTC M7 is sure to drop. It looks like a great phone but I have some reservations and I am not the kind of user that would necessarily "need" the latest and greatest, but I would prefer it.

    LTE is not up and running in NC yet, no telling when it will be, and my OG is working ok but showing it's age a bit, mainly memory issues.

    So my question to LTEvo users is: Would you hold out a couple of months and drop two bills on Son of LTEvo, or snap up pops and spend the savings on all the accessories and chinese take-out i can handle?

    Also if I wait for the M7, how can I free up some internal memory on my rooted OG?

    Thanks for any advice!

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  2. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Thanks for posting :D

    I would wait it out either way. Your're only a month or so off from finding out. You've held out this long, I'm sure it wont be too bad to hold on much longer.

    There's also the issue of whether or not Sprint would even be getting that phone.

    For the memory issues on your OG, look into partitioning your SD card. Itll move all of your apps and data over to the card and you'll have TONS of room on the phone.
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  3. esoterikappeal

    esoterikappeal New Member

    I think I can hold out, the new leaked pics look promising (I want a kickstand!) but while I was ultimately satisfied with my OG it is my 6th unit replaced under warranty, and this one had a screen replaced. Are hardware problems an known issue with HTC? I seem to remember seeing some complaints about the LTEvo as well.
  4. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Any manufacturer is going to have some devices that aren't up to par. It happens.

    Some LTEvos had screen discoloration, many nexus 7s (Asus) had screen lift on the left side, ect.

    Its usually early production units and they get corrected
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