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Get updated to ICS

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  1. icedice34

    icedice34 Well-Known Member

    So I finally think I will have enough time to get the whole update to ics figured out this weekend. Currently I'm running nils business sense with sense 4.0, stock gb firmware behind the scenes. I don't really care how I go about it, can anyone tell me the most straight forward way to upgrade everything to the ICS official release? I can then re flash my rom and reinstall from a backup.

    I've read some mixed reviews about flashing my backup of stock and trying to take the ota. Would I be better off doing a full RUU? Is there one out there for the newest official ics release?


  2. thornev

    thornev Well-Known Member

    It is not recommended to re-flash a GB ROM over an ICS ROM. ROM files between the 2 are likely completely different. You'll want to flash a ROM that is compatible with ICS. Nils does have some as I'm sure you've seen.

    The Cliff Notes version of flashing a stock ICS (but Scotty's guides are the most complete, stickied at the top of this forum)... (assuming you're S-Off)

    o Back up user apps + data using Titanium Backup to SD card.
    o Do a Nand backup using AmonRa recovery as a Nand backup will completely restore your phone in case of problems.
    o Put ICS ROM on external SD card in its root directory. Rename ROM to PH98IMG.zip.
    o Boot into HBOOT.
    o HBOOT will see PH98IMG file and process it.
    o Follow directions on phone screen.
    o Reboot when you're done and phone will take you through setup.
    o Rename PH98IMG file on SD card so a subsequent HBOOT ignores it.
    o If you are S-Off, you should still be unlocked. You'll have to flash superSU to regain root. Do it through AmonRa recovery with superSU zip file in root of SD card.
    o Restore a Titanium backup, user apps+Data only.

    S-On procedure is different. In that case use Scotty's guides.
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  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    if you dont mind losing your data,your best bet is to(short version):
    -relaunch amon
    -make a backup
    -run RUU(from fastboot or sd card)
    -relauch amon(via fastboot boot)
    -reflash rom(do not flash old firmware patch :))

    if you want to install a 4.03.605.2 based rom,after it settles in,i *think* the roms are similar enuff that you could wipe cache/dalvik cache and restore just the data from your backup above(remove all other X's),but be prepaired to re-install if this causes any issues. if youre reflashing the same rom you were running,restoring data should be no prollem :)

    of course,prior to doing anything,force a sync with google,and rebackup user apps with titanium so yull have current backups to restore,as thorn suggested.(this is one of my steps whenever installing a new rom)

    IMO there is not much point really in going back to GB to get the OTA. youll not be preserving your current setup by doing so,and letting the phone download and install the OTA does not give you any benefit,and is slighly more dangerous as youre allowing the phone to install firmware that it has downloaded via a posibly not so stable data connection,wich has a slightly higher margin for error.

    holler if you need more details or have other questions,im off to work until later this evening :)
  4. icedice34

    icedice34 Well-Known Member

    That's what I figured was the best bet. I'm running an ics based rom, but it really won't take long to restore my apps with titanium and then re set up home screens.

    Do you happen to have a link to the latest ruu? Can I follow your instructions in the original sticky for a full RUU, are they still current with ics?
  5. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    doh! *smacks forehead* i went to shipped-roms and copied the link,and the forgot to paste it in the post apparently :eek:

    anyway,here ya go: Shipped ROMs

    i do not believe there is a .exe file out for it yet,so you wont be able to follow the full ruu directions exactly. after relocking,you can place it on your sd card and flash it from hboot(rename PH98IMG) ,or you can flash it as an ruu from fastboot with the fastboot flash zip command

    if you opt to flash as an ruu from fastboot,be aware that will fail once with a "hboot preupdate,please flash again" error. this is normal,just run the flash command again after letting the phone automatically reboot itself back to ruu mode. :)
  6. icedice34

    icedice34 Well-Known Member

    So best bet is to backup, relock, rename to PH98IMG, put on root, get to hboot and go? Do I need to do the set main version thing? Basically follow all your ruu steps except do it as a ph98img instead of. Exe?
  7. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    correct! :smokingsomb:

    i dont think youll need the main version thing,as prolly nothing youve run as changed it to something higher than 4.03.605.2,but it certainly wont hurt to run it,just in case
  8. icedice34

    icedice34 Well-Known Member

    I appear to be up and running just fine. I didn't do the old firmware patch and things are working fine. It appears that everything went well as you said.

    Thanks for the help!
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  9. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    awsome! glad it was relatively painless :D
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  10. icedice34

    icedice34 Well-Known Member

    So maybe I spoke to soon....I have no "Google Play store". I click the link to view the store and it says "Application not installed."?

    Thoughts? I'm going to try reflashing the rom I guess....

    *EDIT* I found a .apk for the play store on the internet. Seems to be working fine. Weird though because I had it, used it to download a few apps, then it was gone? Weird....oh well, appears to be downloading apps just fine.
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  11. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    wow,yeah that is wierd :eek:

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