Getjar - Downloading via PC -For Purpose Transfer to Android Device

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  1. Aalafalot

    Aalafalot Member

    How do you download Getjar Android Appz to your PC?

    My purpose is to transfer via cable to SD card?

  2. It can be downloaded for free, directly to your phone, if your phone is registered in the Market with a (also free) Gmail account. No need for cumbersome, time consuming detours via PC and SD card.

    Why don't you register your phone in the Market with a Gmail account? All free. Much easier. Much faster.
    Unless that phone fell off a truck, of course...
  3. Aalafalot

    Aalafalot Member

    It for a Acer Tablet. It downloads everything onto internal card. I want stuff install on my external SD Card.

    Also, it does not allow you to transfer to SD card.
  4. Many apps don't work when they are stored on the SD card and must/can only be installed in the device's internal memory. That's probably the case with Getjar too. Someone who's got it installed, and e.g. App2SD, can tell you for sure.
  5. sohguanh

    sohguanh Well-Known Member

  6. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Apps in my experience generally work better and faster if on internal memory, for this very reason I chose to install almost ALL my apps to internal SD, except for a few huge games.

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