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  1. helijohn

    helijohn Active Member

    I'm looking to get a Dell Streak mini 5 used. I had one that was O2 unlocked but it would not data stream but worked fine on texting and phoning. I am on talkmobile. I had a similar problem with a Desire Z earlier this year which, though unlocked, had T-Mobile firmware and so couldn't be used no matter what talkmobile tried to do.
    Question there any truth in the statement that tablets can't be used on talkmobile phone contracts or is it again the case that O2 firmware is not compatible with Talkmobile?

    I love the mini 5 what I have experienced of it but it's no use to me if I cannot get my mobile internet.

  2. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    If the 2 carriers use different frequencies or the device is locked you can't use it for data, but you can use the device on a Wifi hotspot regardless, in fact it doesn't even need a SIM card and it still works.
  3. helijohn

    helijohn Active Member

    Sellers often say the device is unlocked and you can use any sim but you can see, after you've bought it,:( that there are remnants of the provider firmware. I am on talkmobile which is used by Carphone Warehouse and as far as I know that uses the Vodafone network yet I have had a phone that was unlocked from Vodafone and still didn't work. How can I tell what network a phone provider uses. For example, Tesco uses Vodafone. Does O2 piggy-back off a network. Where can I find this information?:confused::confused:
  4. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I would ask these question under a new thread in the subfolder for the specific carrier you are interested in. Most of my devices say "At&t" on the front, so it is easy to tell :)

    Besides, the Dell Streak is getting so old, there isn't much action in this folder anymore, not sure the people that can answer your question would see it.

    Good Luck
  5. helijohn

    helijohn Active Member

    OMG, how old is it??:eek:
  6. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    In phone ages, it is about 100 years old :D

    It was originally announced in mid 2009 and finally released to the public in mid 2010. I have had one since Dec 2010.

    Technology wise, Dell discontinued the device about 5 months, it is a 3G device and is stuck on V2.2 Froyo, not sure if any provider will upgrade it beyond that. You can root it and get newer unsupported versions.

    It works well for me and is a nice device, that is all that really matters. After I move in 3-5 months when our house finishes construction in a new area. Depending on coverage, I may move to a different carrier. If that happens, I will be looking at a Samsung Note as a replacement.

    Wiki Dell Streak
  7. helijohn

    helijohn Active Member

    Yes, that looks very good though a little out of my price range just now. Android 2.2 is sufficient for me at the moment, what I need is the larger screen.

    I am going to have one last go at getting a Dell that works, one that was sim free from Dell in the beginning. It's make or break!:D

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