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  1. ScottyPro

    ScottyPro Well-Known Member

    Sorry to jump in on this thread, but I too am in a similar position. I have the Desire which I got when they first came out. Great phone (at the time) but I'm a bit disappointed with the available memory, even after rooting with SURoots Rom.
    The Galaxy s II seems streets ahead of the Desire in all departments so I'm really tempted and will be going the the Carphonewarehouse tomorrow to have a bit haggle.
    Can I ask, will the 16Gb version be enough for me or should I go for the 32Gb version. The reason I ask is that I don't want to be caught out like I was with the Desire last year. I thought it was enough at the time but 6 month later found out it wasn't. Is the 32Gb version able to use all/most of its built in memory for apps or is it just storage space.

  2. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    get the 16 then a 16gb sd card thats what id do, then u can use that 16gb internel for apps. how are u gonna haggle? only usually the networks give into that lol... and what network u on?
  3. ScottyPro

    ScottyPro Well-Known Member

    I'm currently on the 3UK network, but since they stopped sharing masts with Orange the signal is crap around here.

    My intention is to sell the Desire on Ebay and pay off the contract with 3UK, so I should make a bit of a profit (going off Ebay prices).

    As for the haggling, I like to play the phones shops off against each other, I just tell them what XXX is going to give me and can you beat it, usually works even if its a load of freebies thrown in. In the current economic climate everyones after your custom so they should be prepared to give a bit, after all their profit margins are probably way over the top anyway :)
  4. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    ahh okay, yeah 3 are crap here too since orange roaming stopped - i say cancel and go with orange, or vodafone, they are both great, of course get whats good 4 u but i think those 2 are better than t-mobile and O2 :)
  5. ScottyPro

    ScottyPro Well-Known Member

    thanks for the quick update, when you say use the 16Gb internal for apps and get a big card for storage, will the S II allow me to use all of the built in memory for apps? 16Gb should get an awful lot of apps, my desire has a paltry 500Mb for apps
  6. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    yeah it will allow you to use as much as u like for apps, and i also have the desire. despite having 512MB internal memory you can only use 148mb for apps. it really annoyed me and its still not great even with an apps 2 sd ROM :( - why dont you wait for the nexus prime rather than get a SGSII? thats what im gonna do
  7. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I can upgrade my phone (1 year old HTC Desire) from next week...

    I was thinking of getting the Galaxy Nexus when released as it's going to have a nicer, bigger screen and run Ice Cream Sandwich straight away but it only has a 5 megapixel camera and it has no SD card slot which is really annoying! If you don't know already the specs of the Galaxy Nexus are as follows:

    1.2 GHz dual-core TIOMAP CPU
    GPU: PowerVR SGX540
    1 GB of RAM
    16 or 32 GB flash memory
    4.65 inch Super Amoled screen
    screen resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
    digital camera 5 megapixel
    LED light
    ability to record video in 1080p (30 frames per second)
    front facing 1.3 megapixel camera
    802.11b/g/n wi-fi
    Bluetooth 3.0
    light sensor
    NFC support
    battery with a capacity of 1750 mAh
    support for HSPA +

    As you can see the SGS2 and Galaxy Nexus specs are very very similar.

    So my question is should I get the galaxy nexus or the SGS2? Or should I wait for the SGS3? However the SGS3 is about 6 months away at the earliest so ill only wait that long if its gonna be really really good and worth the wait.

    I know i am probably going to get most people saying go for the SGS2 as its what you all have but I want to make sure I make the best decision.

    So what should I get, and if i do decide to get the SGS"... Is it still a good time to get it and is it still gonna be 'the best' for a while longer?

    Cheers :D
  8. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    How long are you prepared to wait?
  9. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    prepared to wait? Til like January at the most.
  10. imprez me

    imprez me Well-Known Member

    It is true the spec is very very similar. if you get the nexus, after 6 months the s3 going to come out and when you compare to the spec its going to make you feel bad. whereas the spec of s2 is still a little better than the nexus aside the ICS OS and screen. if i had money, i would get the s2 and wait for the s3. since the s2 community already mature in handling a lot of problems where as the nexus barely have anything tackle or problem encounter yet to be solve. and ICS i'm sure the s2 will have it.
  11. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Merged with your other upgrade thread as much of the info is related.
  12. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    I am not typing that again omg lol (the post I just made died in your merge).

    Anyways I recommend you get the S2 rather than wait.
  13. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    You're joking?!? I'm sure that shouldn't happen, even if you hit "post" at exactly the time I hit "merge". Sorry Gearu.... I'll mention this to Phases in case it's a bug. :(
  14. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    even to the nexus has a lovely 4.65" screen and its 720p res... you still think i should get the SGS2?
  15. Riche101

    Riche101 VIP Member VIP Member

    The SG2 is a killer phone and look at the amazing support on here and Xda for it. That's always the problem with getting a new phone as soon as release.

    I'm keep my S2 for 2 years or more depending on what's available and where I will be I may not be in the UK next year
  16. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    yeah youre right actually, i got the HTC Desire 6 months after it came out and I love the Dev community and the support for it on XDA. I guess the SGS2 will be the same as its this years best phone (Like the Desire was last years)
  17. Riche101

    Riche101 VIP Member VIP Member


    And dont forget Xda will get us ICS as soon as they can

    The way tech is go for what you like now, as by the time you get the item you like in the future something else will catch your eye
  18. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    so u deffo think the sgs2 over the nexus?
  19. Riche101

    Riche101 VIP Member VIP Member

    I would say yes, you wont go wrong with it, I can honestly say the S2 is the best phone i've ever had. for me the Nexus looks too thin
  20. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    yeah i think the s2 is the best, but for how long is the question, its been out 6 months. it happened last year. i got the best phone at the time (the HTC Desire) when it had been out 6 months, and very quickly better phones came along. I just wanna try and avoid that happening again, something tells me its best to buy when released and not wait 6 moths :/ but i dont know
  21. Riche101

    Riche101 VIP Member VIP Member

    But its always gonna be like that as soon as you get one(even on release), something else maybe better will pop up would pop up.

    Put it this way you get a Nexus find a bug or something you dont like, it could take a few months before someone finds a fix or app to make it better. Whereas Right here and now look at all the Roms etc out for the S2 for you to play with. And if you did get an S3 in a years time, think about all what you would of learned on the S2 to take forward
  22. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    According to these benchmarks, the SGSII blows the Nexus, and other handsets, out of the water... even though it's running Gingerbread.... on half the benchmarks.

    The article goes on to say, that ICS will improve the SGSII's performance by 30-40% which means that it is the clear winner.

    See here:-

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus benchmarked, shows much improved browser performance in Ice Cream Sandwich

    Added to this is the news that the Ice Cream Sandwich code is to be released soon and things are looking even better for the SGSII.

    Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Will Be Released Soon


    MISS DIVA Well-Known Member

    Yes! I made the decision for you:D:D:D
  24. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    yeah im deffo thinking im gonna get the s2, will it get ICS officially though or just thru a ROM?
  25. Riche101

    Riche101 VIP Member VIP Member

    ICS will come out as firmware

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