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  1. slith003

    slith003 Active Member

    I am out of my 30 day window with my epic. I got my epic replaced once due to signal dropping and the replacement is still doing the same thing. Is there any way for me to get my phone replaced with an evo even though I'm out of my 30 days?

  2. _-Jay-_

    _-Jay-_ Well-Known Member

    No. After 30 days you have to pay full price. The only chance you have is to have the current phone replaced and hope that the radio is no good in the replacement phone as well. Then you could probably pitch a bitch to Sprint about having 3 phones in a row all have the same problem. They might let you warranty it for a different model. You would have to prove to them that the phone malfunctions first though.
  3. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    1. try what Jay said.... try a few more Epics.. maybe u just unlucky and got 2 bad one (possible).

    2. after try many more epics.. right to Dan... cant hurt to try.

    3. trade with someone on there are online service that does that too, but I dot know them.

    4. buy one.. new or used... again
  4. swanysto

    swanysto Well-Known Member

    Agreed, if the Epic continues to give you legitimate problems than calling Sprint and whining up a storm could possibly get you an Evo. They are likely to send you out a refurbished Evo though. If this doesn't bother you, than go with that approach.

    Sometimes you can get lucky with Sprint store people, but my luck has never been too good.
  5. cary328is

    cary328is Well-Known Member

    OP - would you consider the HTC EVO Shift 4G as an option? I know many people think "oh it's only 800Mhz CPU" but it's actually the latest snapdragon and outperforms the previous 1Ghz snapdragon in the original EVO. It has the Adreno 205 GPU and I've read that it benchmarks higher than the original EVO.
  6. slith003

    slith003 Active Member

    I would consider any phone that doesn't drop reception which results in my battery getting murdered. Durng an 8 hour day if I barely touch my phone my battery is close to death.
  7. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    that may not be a phone issue..

    location location location.

    do you have others in your area of question.. that have sprint?
    what phone do they have? how is your signal?
  8. slith003

    slith003 Active Member

    Yes I can set my gfs evo down right next to my epic and I will always have less bars than she does. It is not location based because it will happen when I am at work and I have coworkers whom own evos and the result is the same.
  9. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    i see..

    i have read that samsung radios are not as strong as HTC.
  10. gooberman

    gooberman Well-Known Member

    Very interesting.

    I went through 4 EVO's because of battery life. The last one being a new from box one. I fought sprint and the local store and they would not let me change over to the Epic.

    My wife had an Epic and it would last well over 24 hrs with use. All my Epics would die in 5 hrs with no use. It wasn't a signal issue since we live in the same house. It seemed to happen about the time they upgraded to 2.2 since it was great before that. My father has an Evo and doesn't have any problems.

    Now with the Epic I get a kick from seeing it say 1d 3hrs and having over 50% left. :D

    The only way I could get the Epic was to sell my Evo to sprint for $135 and they gave me a 30 day return for $250 and extended my contract out again. So for $115 my blood pressure is back to normal. Yeah I got screwed but a 5 hour phone is completely useless.

    Have you tried wiping the phone to factory fresh? I also saw something about the SD card can cause troubles. try formatting that. I kept transferring mine and wonder if it could have been that.
  11. slith003

    slith003 Active Member

    I tried wiping my phone back to factory. Tried thr airplane mode trick.
  12. rounsy222

    rounsy222 Well-Known Member

    Could also try updating your prl too.
  13. slith003

    slith003 Active Member

    Updated my prl. I would be fne with an epic that would not drop signal murdering my battery
  14. gooberman

    gooberman Well-Known Member

    They don't like to swap phones from different manufactures. That's why I had to sell and buy.

    I tried everything with the Evo's I had. Everytime I went to the store they would say it's not supposed to last long, It's your settings, etc. I let them set it up however they wanted and came back 4 hours later and showed them the battery. Finally I let them keep it for 5 hours and when I came back they said it's dead. surprise! So then they gave me a new one from the box and it did the same thing. It made no scene!

    I did loose some signal in my house occasionally. It seems that I do a lot less now with the Epic. So I guess it has a better antenna.

    Again the only thing that ever stayed the same with every evo was the SD card.

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