Getting a Palm bluetooth keyboard to work on Nexus 7?Tips

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  1. lordcares

    lordcares New Member

    Hi folks!

    I'm new here. I've been an iPad user for a long time. Yet after trying Kindle (not kindle fire), I fell in love with this small form factor and decided to give Nexus 7 a try.

    While I love it a lot and I have it in my hands almost constantly, I can't seem to get my bluetooth keyboard (Palm 3245ww ) to work. It works on the ipad flawlessly. But It just won't cooperate with the Nexus 7. It won't connect. Any way to make this work?

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

  3. lordcares

    lordcares New Member

    Hey Dreadnatty08!

    Thanks for welcoming me in!:) The problem is, nothing show on the Nexus 7 screen. After a while it just says, "couldn't connect to the device"

    But I'll check out the app. Thanks!
  4. lordcares

    lordcares New Member


    I tried the app. While it connects the keyboard and I can type with it, I have to type REALLY slowly to make it work. Otherwise it goes crazy and starts typing itself. Anyway to remedy the situation?
  5. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Hmm, well, looks like you're getting there. I have a Zagg keyboard which is designed for Android (along with iOS) and it pairs and types just fine.
    Not sure how to speed up the quickness of the typing. Do you know what version of BT it is using? Perhaps the connection is just too slow.
  6. rootbrain

    rootbrain Well-Known Member

    I have an Ultra eXo bluetooth keyboard (Ultra U12-41310 Mini Keyboard - Includes Bluetooth Adapter, Touchpad, Laser Pointer, Presentation & Multimedia Controls & 3Yr Warranty w/ Reg. at sold out here, only 2 left on Amazon ( and only $30 US.

    Fantastic little keyboard, although because it's a mini it takes practice and sometimes 2 handed operations for different shift/ctl/key/alt/Fn combinations. But also comes with a trackpad and a laser pointer.

    This is a Godsend when I'm using the Citrix Receiver app (and others) where the soft keyboard takes up too much screen and causes a lot of scrolling.

    Never had a problem connecting to my N7 or my wifes Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, or my son's iPad (which he's dumping for an N7, lol)
  7. MammonLord

    MammonLord Active Member

    1. Hold the Bluetooth button on your keyboard until the orange light starts to flash.
    2. Tap the Bluetooth Keyboard item in the list of available devices on your tablet.
    3. Wait 5 seconds for the devices to pair (there will be nothing displayed on the screen)
    4. On the keyboard, type 0000 (four zeros) then press Enter.
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