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getting a shortcut, yeh right!Support

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  1. raystr

    raystr Member

    Hi all,
    Is there any way to get a SHORTCUT to a file on my desktop on my Galaxy 10.1?
    I know you can get ashortcut to a web site but how can I produce a direct link to an individual file!

    Any ideas gang?


  2. tdjclarke

    tdjclarke New Member

    Funny, I just researched this this morning. It's a such a basic thing and yet doesn't appear to be there, to my knowledge.

    So here is my work around, (long answer) but only Step 1. needed.

    Step 1. go to the Market, and get Linda File Manager, navigate to your file through the file manager and long press on it. It offers many options, one of which, drops a shortcut on your home page.

    Step 2. The first time you use the shortcut, you may be asked which program to use to open the file. If you have more than one choice, try them all before you make it permanent by hooking off the little box.

    Step 3. If you hooked off the little box by mistake, go to your tablet's settings, application manager, long press the application you chose and reset defaults. That will clear the file association.

    Hope this helps

  3. raystr

    raystr Member

    A reply......can't believe it! Thanks Mate!

    Really appreciated!

  4. adkr

    adkr New Member

    Thanks for the lead to this app that makes adding a file shortcut to the desktop simple. I spent hours trying to figure out other file managers.
  5. Jacksmyname

    Jacksmyname Well-Known Member

    You can also do it with ES File Explorer.

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