Getting charged every Friday lunch time

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  1. nut legend

    nut legend New Member

    Hey all,

    For the past 10 weeks or so I have been receiving charges on my phone under 'application' of

  2. redmelons

    redmelons Active Member

    Have you downloaded any ringtones? There are a lot of scams using products like ringtones which trick you into weekly/monthly charges.
  3. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Yeah, I believe there was a fake Zedge app kicking about recently so that might well be the case.

    Is it coming via your bill? Aren't Orange able to give you a bit more info?
  4. nut legend

    nut legend New Member

    Having done some research I've found out it was the company 'buongiorno' who started the charges, according to them I went on their website, read through their TOS and clicked accept, however, considering I haven't used any of their services before and before I started to receive charges I was receiving some texts from them I find that hardly believable, anyway, I've managed to cancel it and have sent them an email asking for a refund, as the REP on the phone advised me too - just hope they do.

    Oh and the customer support at orange said that they didn't have any info on who was charging me (seems a tad suspicious).
  5. redmelons

    redmelons Active Member

  6. a1ek

    a1ek New Member

    I have the exact same problem, can you advise how you managed to find it was 'buongiorno' ? I need to cancell this
  7. Mobivillage UK

    Mobivillage UK New Member

    Hello, We are Mobivillage UK, a mobile internet club operated by Buongiorno. We offer mobile subscriptions to mobile internet applications.

    A customer must actively opt-in to a promotional campaign in order to join one of our services and in the process they must agree to the terms and conditions and price of the service.

    Our 24 hour customer care number if you have any further queries is 0207 649 9636 (local rate) 0800 012 6182 (free from landlines, some mobile network charges may apply).
  8. redmelons

    redmelons Active Member

    Mobile customer uncovers premium rate 'bug'

    "Consultant Mark Hole found he could sign up anyone for some premium rate services from content maker Buongiorno.

    All he needed to know was a potential victim's mobile number and whether they used the Orange network."
  9. chrissy48

    chrissy48 New Member

    I just discovered I've been getting scammed by these cowboys and I certainly never agreed to any terms and conditions or accepted any kind of contract, I had never even heard of them! I spotted yesterday my phone bill was escelating with unknown charges and today received a text from mobivillage (aka buongeorno) to say I am signed up and should I wish to cancel text 'no' in reply or phone this number!! I was livid and phoned them and gave them serious grief, funnily enough there was no argument over the refund I demanded but we shall see if the money turns up at all!! I find it ironic and amusing that the 1st option on the telephone was "if you are unhappy with our services......"!!!! That speaks volumes to me at least!!!!!! :mad:

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