Getting Charged Twice!

  1. hemplacrosse4

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    Well I checked my bank statements and I have noticed that I had been getting charged TWICE! So I checked and saw that it was when I went over my minutes one month but I thought they only charged 10 cents a minute after that, I then called Virgin Mobile and they said that the extra charge then went to my account my Virgin Mobile account that is. Has anyone else heard of this? So now I have 24.90 on my balance does that mean if I go over again it will just take it off of that? I am just so confused as to how all of this works. If anyone has any information it will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  2. Palafox

    Palafox Well-Known Member

    Mmmmky, sorry for your VM issues, I just had my share recently.

    If you're checking your bank statements that means any money you put in to VM is off a credit/debit card. If that's the case and you go over your minutes VM is not going to charge your card for 10 cents at a time. Most likely they charged your monthly plan and subtracted your minutes.
  3. MacFett

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    If your due date didn't change, then they just took money into your account so they could cover the extra minutes. My suggestion would be to keep at least $5 on the account if you are ever going to come close to going over your minutes. Don't top up automatically either because they will just bring the account up to the amount needed to pay for the month.
  4. cpht

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    Get that debit card out of their system and use top up cards. I dont know about vm, but boost had a strict no refund policy. They just credit your account. So when they triple bill you next month and leave your checking account empty, at least you'll have 3 months of phone service paid.
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  5. hiwatt

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    This. What he said. Immediately. i have heard nothing but horror stories about people getting double billed, etc. I buy a top up card if I feel like I'm going to need it. I SHOULD just use the unlimited plan and it'd never be an issue (that's of course a different story) :>)

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