Getting CWM Ideos Instead Of u8150

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  1. MacinTime

    MacinTime Active Member


    Well as we all know the ideos and m835 are the exact same phone. But for some strange reason I do not know Rom Manager keeps saying it's a u8160. This is annoying and it wont let us flash almost all Ideos Roms out there. Well if you have root. YOU SHOULD IF YOU'RE READING THIS, Then replace your Build.Prop with the file below. REBOOT! Now when you go into Rom Manager it'll ask you Ideos u8150 or u8160. Pick the obvious one. Everything works and you don't have to scroll with the volume rocker anymore ;)

    Build.Prop is located in /system incase you're looking for it.

    Hope I helped!​

    PS. I meant u8160 not u8150 in the thread topic.

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  2. BlackTigress

    BlackTigress Well-Known Member

    Exactly How do you replace the build if you have root? I Have root and I still can't find out how.
  3. 420spawn

    420spawn Member

    Thank you so much! You solved my problem! I couldn't access Clockworkmod recovery at all, I would just get stuck at the boot logo looping over and over. Now I can install the unofficial CM7 port and get gingerbread on my device!!!!!!! You made my day, thank you!!!!!!!
  4. Spec2nirvash

    Spec2nirvash VIP Member VIP Member

    If you want to flash even more ROMs like Dronix and unofficial ICS ports you may need to push Ultrajack recovery to your phone.

    But seriously, be careful with CM7. Most ports for this phone are extremely buggy, and you need watch the overclock settings. Some ports come with overclock set to 710 MHz by default, VERY good chance it will send your phone into a boot loop. Watch out for that, set the OC lower if the phone successfully boots.

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