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Getting files onto SDGeneral

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  1. monkeytooth

    monkeytooth New Member

    I want to move my files to my SD card... but how? Ive tried looking for an option to move my pix an all else that i wanna move to the SD i have in the phone, I've tried plugging the phone in and looking for an extra "Flash Memory" like drive to do it with, but nothing.

    Anyone? Anything? Something? :D

  2. randel77

    randel77 Well-Known Member

    you hit the mount button on your phone right?
  3. SecretAsianMan

    SecretAsianMan Well-Known Member

    plug your phone directly to your PC usb, not to a multi hub usb. it needs to be directly to your PC. then you should get a notification on your phone. click "mount". go to your pc and click on "start", "my computer" or "computer", then go to your removable mem icon( which is your phone). open that and drag your music, pics, and videos into the correct folders. dont put it in the root of your SD card or it will fill up fast. do this and lemme know if it works out.
  4. monkeytooth

    monkeytooth New Member

    The phone does get plugged via a usb cable directly to a computer, no hubs, no third party adaptors, just phone.. cable.. pc.. The SD is mounted properly from the settings area on the phone and recognizes, and just as soon as I plug it into the computer the notification bar gives me the mount option and I do so with that. And it works perfectly minus the fact that I cant access the actual SD card through the phone thats connected to the PC.. I am only getting the phones internal memory where it by defualt stores the pixs, app information from apps that save data and so on. The card I have mounted is a 2 gig card at the moment. I have another 2 gig and 1 gig lying around some where but none the less always got the same problems with it. I plug the phone in and only get the internal memory and not the card. I want to store on the card cause the internal memory is well not that much, and I like to take pix and leave them on the phone for a bit sometimes so those add up quick to, I want to throw them onto the SD card so they can store there..

    I should have been more clear with my original post, sorry. :rolleyes:
  5. SecretAsianMan

    SecretAsianMan Well-Known Member

    once your phones plugged in you cannot access the sd card from your phone. only from your phone through your pc. no pics are being stored onto your phone. i think the camera doesnt even save any pics unless you sd card is in place. are you mounting the phone to your pc, then going to the start menu>my computer> and opening the sd card from there? you should have all your music and pics there.
  6. monkeytooth

    monkeytooth New Member

    Generally speaking I have tried everything to access the card, and others. Other then physically unmounting the cards and putting them in an adaptor for the card reader on my PC. I cant access the card be it through the phone and only the phone or having it connected to the PC and tempting to make the PC recognize it.

    Only memory/storage i can access on the phone is the internal memory.

    And your right about the pix, the camera wont work unless you have a mounted card on the phone, however its not storing on the card everything is storing on the internal storage, even the pix.

    I had to clear them all off to get some storage back on the phone, and when I check the SD its still for the most part a blank card theres a couple apps that do seem to actually write to it, but yea other then that I dunno..
  7. SecretAsianMan

    SecretAsianMan Well-Known Member

    Ok I think I got it. This happened to my bro. When u put ur sd card in ur phone are u pushing it all the way til it clicks in? Check and make sure u did that. My bro was having the same exact problem and he took his phone to tmo and they just pushed the card further in. Lol. Sorry for the spelling. I'm typing this via G1 as im sitting on the toilet! Hope it helps.
  8. VintageA

    VintageA New Member

    I finally found an app that can move my apps from phone to SD. It's app 2 sd. You have to include the spaces. It even tells you which ones are safe to move. Yeah!:)
  9. AirCatHeavy

    AirCatHeavy Well-Known Member

    Ya know, I would have thought by now moving apps to SD card would have been perfected in Android OS. Disappointed that you still need an "App" to do something so basic. And it only works with 2.2 or higher. Useless on my non-rooted and never will be G1

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